June 23, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Jennifer Scott-Part One-June 18, 2012


Acclaimed BC and Canadian jazz vocalist and pianist Jennifer Scott's latest recordings are featured in this jazz podcast. Jennifer is a highly talented and skilled melodic improviser. Known for her prowess with scat singing and exciting vocal and piano improvisation, check out Jennifer's latest release featuring music from Brazil entitled 'Sonho Meu'. Jennifer's jazz trio recording is featured as well entitled' Dream a Little Dream'. Jennifer's quartet album with Tom Keenleyside is called 'Mile 41', another excellent, quality recording full of good tracks. Enjoy these beautiful Brazilian pieces and some jazz standards featuring her wondrous scatting. Listen to her beautiful rendition of Canadian legend Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Bassist Rene Worst is also featured on all the recordings and never ceases to amaze with his virtuosity on the bass and beautiful sense of melody as well. This show is not to be missed! Visit Jennifer's website for more at www.jenniferscott.ca


Introduction:Whims of Chambers-Mile 41-Jennifer Scott

(three tracks) Corrida de Jangada,Sonho Meu and Agua de Beber-Sonho Meu-Jennifer Scott and Brasileira

(three tracks)Bye Bye Blackbird,Secret Love and Hallelujah-Dream a Little Dream-Jennifer Scott Trio

Just in Time-Mile 41-Jennifer Scott

Noteorious-Slow Down-James McRae (featuring Jennifer Scott)