August 27, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall, Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo, BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Rhythmaning Summer Jazz Wrap -Up


Radio jazz broadcaster and pianist Marian McPartland passed away on August 20th, 2013 at the age of 95. She broadcasted to millions and began her career in the 1960's at a New York radio station leading to her National Public Radio program 'Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz'. Hear Marian playing piano on 'I Hear Music' and 'Street of Dreams' from her album 'Reprise' as we remember this wonderful jazz legend and radio broadcaster who inspired so many of us to love the art of improvisation and the world of jazz. I have a huge admiration here for Marian who brought us years of entertainment and wonder with her eloquent grace and wit. Marian McPartland will be missed and remembered fondly.

In this jazz episode a wrap -up for summer of both traditional and experimental sounds from jazz and improv artists from our archive. On the airwaves this week Chris Clark, Reg Schwager,Rob Mazurek Octet from their latest. More from Murley/Bickert/Wallace and Barry Elmes. Dropping tracks from pianist and vocalist Laila Biali, Tania Gill, Ryan Blotnick, JUNO winners Pugs & Crows,Lina Allemano Four,Jessica Stuart Few and Matthew Shipp.

More from two albums from Assertion and guitarist, songwriter, composer Chad MacQuarrie and drummer Scott Rabo with experimental and wondrous soundscapes and more to come with a live interview with Chad MacQuarrie on September 23, 2013 at 5 pm. Be sure to visit Chad's website at for more information about his work and to download free mp3 tracks.

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Next week a special live in studio performance with some of Nanaimo and Vancouver Island's most gifted and talented up and coming young jazz musicians. Rhythmaning will feature 20 year old up and coming multi instrumentalist and bassist John Lee with his fantastic trio of some of the best of our young island talent. Sixteen year old multi instrumentalist Conner Stewart on saxophone and 20 year old Michael Mlikotic on drums. It will be impressive. Don't miss it. You can catch these serious young players and rising stars at their regular Monday night jazz jam and open mic at Nanaimo's Vault Cafe downtown on Commercial Street. Stop by have a java and a snack and catch these gifted young players and support the scene. I am highly recommending that you go listen- they make Vancouver Islanders proud and are worth celebrating. I am giving them a full two hours next week so you can enjoy them as well with a live studio performance and interviews. Be sure to join in for the fun - you are going to love them.

A special thank you to Richard Green of The Library and Archives Canada for assisting me with recent additional research on Vancouver vocal jazz legend Eleanor Collins. Richard as always goes the extra mile and a grateful thanks for his help. Richard was also invaluable help with my research on early Canadian jazzwomen for past shows.

The Library and Archives Canada has a wide range of materials available for purchase including some copies of fantastic early Canadian recordings and videos of legendary jazz artists such as Eleanor Collins, Fraser MacPherson, Dave Robbins and Chris Gage who were Canadian Broadcasting Corporation artists and performers. You may search and purchase these and other great Canadian jazz recordings and videos and learn more at:

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June 23, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Improvisation, listening and more-Part Two-June 18, 2012


Listen to this epic improvisation from Spring Heel Jack's album called 'Live'. The recording features Spring Heel Jack on electronics and other instruments ( Spring Heel Jack is a dance DJ duo from Britain both Ashley Wales and John Coxon), Britain's Evan Parker on saxophone and J. Spaceman on guitar, New York's Matthew Shipp on Fender Rhodes and William Parker on bass and Holland's Han Bennink on drums.

The intensity and passion and free spirited improvisation fused with studio manipulated electronics, loops and explorations is a must for anyone interested in improvisation and composition. This is a highly charged and passionate performance. Some tips are provided in the podcast with some ideas of how to approach listening in this podcast.

This podcast also features Vancouver Island's multi JUNO winner Phil Dwyer on Bemsha Swing from the Bridge Quartet album with musicians from Oregon, USA. One of Canada's major jazz talents and most recorded artists, Phil Dwyer was featured on June 11th with a feature interview for his latest release Changing Seasons. Check out the June 11th, 2012 podcast it is available now.