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April 02, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Springtime Poetry-April 1, 2013


The robins are a symphony of sound here on the west coast,as they joyfully build their nests. Here in BC the crocuses have been out for weeks, trees are budding, insects and other amazing creatures are awakening. It is time to acknowledge renewal and a fresh beginning. New life that will take root and grow strong throughout the summer months.

In the second hour this jazz podcast celebrates National Poetry Month with four poems from Ontario poet and author Glenda Higgins. I have chosen poems with a nature theme due to the spectacular spring weather and warmth returning and paired them with jazz solos from Flamenco Sketches from Miles Davis' Kind of Blue album. Jazz and poetry have always blended well together and the gentle themes will be sure to inspire.

This jazz podcast features tracks from past years starting with an introduction from the brand new Songlines Recordings' Benoit Delbecq and Fred Hersch Double Trio with a piano duo mingled with some prepared piano to set the mood.

With John' Coltrane's Acknowledgement from the famous A Love Supreme album moving into sounds from Brazil's Dori Caymmi and later Vancouver's Tony Wilson Quintet. Hear Jane Ira Bloom and Monik Nordine recordings-two great female sax players worth exploring and delve into some Wayne Shorter, Sonny Greenwich, Miles Davis, Carla Bley,Van der Schyff with Ben Monder and Chris Gestrin and more only on Rhythmaning.

March 29, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

The Ruth Lowe Story-Tom Sandler interview


In this March 18, 2013 Rhythmaning podcast episode join me for an interview with Toronto, Ontario photographer and musician Tom Sandler. Sandler is the son of important 1930's jazz composer, pianist, radio broadcaster and jazz celebrity Ruth Lowe. Lowe toured with the extremely popular all female US group the Melodears with talented bandleader and vocalist Ina Ray Hutton in the 1930's. Ruth Lowe's 1939 composition I'll Never Smile Again was recorded by Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and became a huge hit in 1940 that has now been recorded by over a hundred artists all over the globe and has received a Grammy award.

Lowe was a woman ahead of her time for the time period of the 1930's. Her huge hit "I'll Never Smile Again" caught the sentiments of the time and the Second World War period and has become a standard that has been used over and over in films and recorded by countless musicians. Listen to 1930s and 1940s music and lyrics created by composer Ruth Lowe in this podcast.

Lowe's son Tom Sandler tells the story of his mother Ruth Lowe who endured the hardship of the Depression years and personal loss and overcame all with her natural gift for the piano and composing.

Tom Sandler is a well known photographer in Toronto. Sandler is Ontario's official photographer for the British Royal Family visits and he photographs Canadian VIPs and celebrities in media, politics, fashion and the arts and more in a wide range of prestigious national and international publications.

Do not miss a glimpse into the fascinating world of Ruth Lowe, a female Canadian composer and musician from Canada's past with an inspirational story. Hear personal reminiscing and facts as told by Sandler and learn also about Sandler's own take on creating and professional photography. Brought to you by producer/host Kerilie McDowall on Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo.

March 12, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

March 11, 2013-Rhythmaning CHLY 1017 FM


This podcast kicks off with Canadian legends from Toronto, bassist and multi-instrumentalist Don Thompson and guitarist Ed Bickert...two of some of my absolute favorites from Toronto. Also in this episode the latest from Toronto's pianist/vocalist Laila Biali and we also hear from leader and trumpet player Lina Allemano.

I love 60's jazz and I drop some tunes from American players like Miles Davis,Ornette Coleman, Wes Montgomery, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins with Jim Hall and later Bill Evans. Then flashback just a few years to selections from Canadians like Tommy Babin's Benzene, Gordon Grdina Trio, Jennifer Scott Trio and the Alan Matheson Nonet. Towards the finish line another beautiful track from multi-instrumentalist Don Thompson, this time on piano from his earlier album Forgotten Memories with an original composition performed with some of North America's finest players. Thompson has a new album in the works and will be in BC in April 2013. The new duo album with Phil Dwyer and Don Thompson is called 'Look For The Silver Lining' on the Triplet Records label. Thompson and Dwyer will be touring BC in April and will also be coming to the Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands area for performances. For more information visit www.phildwyer.com for updates. Thompson and Dwyer will perform at Vancouver's Cellar Jazz Club on Wednesday April 17, 2013. The tour will include Denman Island, Mill Bay, Parksville, Gabriola Island, Powell River and more. Do not miss your chance to see legend Thompson performing with 2012 JUNO winner Phil Dwyer for some very special upcoming duo performances.

Rhythmaning wraps up with a big spectacular splash of intensity and sonic texture from the band Tiger's Milk and the album Android Love Cry ( an album I could not resist) this album comes highly recommended to the adventurous and open minded for some great creative soundscapes and exploration.

Next week join Kerilie McDowall for a live interview with Ontario's Official British Royal Family photographer Tom Sandler. Sandler photographs celebrities and VIPS in politics, the media, fashion, and more.

Toronto's Tom Sandler is the son of important 1930s Canadian jazz pianist, composer and radio broadcaster Ruth Lowe. Learn about Lowe's fascinating story as a woman ahead of her time for a glimpse into some great Canadian history and music from this composer and musician. Tom will share Ruth's story with us and we will hear lyrics and music written by Lowe on the program. We will celebrate and discuss the musical life of this important 1930s Canadian jazz celebrity and more only on Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM. Join us on Monday March 18th, 2013 at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time and 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.

March 10, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

CHLY News and Eclectic Tracks-March 4, 2013


The buzz is CHLY is exploring a potential new global headquarters in an historic downtown building. To hear the latest on this new development tune in to the podcast now. CHLY staff member Tara Thurber fills us in on the latest developments at CHLY for the beginning of the show with some exciting news. We are putting out the call to all local musicians for livestreaming radio and internet tv shows with some new technology implementation from CHLY. If you are a performer of any type ( musician, comedian, actor/ess,multi media artist, musician, dancer, etc, head down to Nanaimo's Globe and talk with CHLY staff or call 250-716-3410 and ask for Tara Thurber.

Following the chat with Tara Thurber, check in for the newest from ECM with a newer Keith Jarrett release and the latest from Chris Potter. Trounce back to the 60s with some tracks from Vancouver vocalist/actor Don Francks accompanied by Canadian guitarist Lenny Breau live at the Village Vanguard in New York. Sample some indie jazz from Norway with the band Pixel. Get into some sizzling Phil Dwyer with a sample from the Bridge Quartet and hear a track from his latest JUNO winning album Changing Seasons. Troy Roberts brings some new sounds fused with jazz and finishing off the show with New York's UOU.

Tune in on March 18 for a live interview with Tom Sandler, son of important 1930's Toronto jazz composer and pianist Ruth Lowe. Lowe's famous jazz hit "I'll Never Smile Again" first recorded by Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey's Orchestra earned her a Grammy award and has now been recorded over 100 times by different artists from around the world.

Lowe was ahead of her time. She was a woman who was a jazz composer, radio broadcaster, jazz pianist and club owner, something unheard of for most women during that time period of the 1930's. Hear Ruth's fascinating story as told by successful Toronto photographer Tom Sandler, Lowe's son, next Monday March 18, 2013 from 5-7 pm Pacific Standard Time and 8 pm Eastern Standard Time live at www.chly.ca brought to you by Rhythmaning's host and producer Kerilie McDowall.

March 05, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Saxophonist Dave Say-February 25, 2013


In this interview podcast one of Vancouver's best saxophonists joins me on the telephone. Saxophonist and composer Dave Say speaks about his work as a musician and composer and as a recording engineer in Vancouver and Europe. Join us for some great music and to hear about Say's latest news.

The multi-talented Say plays in a diverse number of bands in Vancouver ranging from jazz, R&B, funk and free improvisation to too many big bands to count and other well known Vancouver improvisation orchestras. He has collaborated with Claude Ranger, George McFetridge, has recorded 2 albums with guitarist Tony Wilson's sextet and also worked with trumpet player Kevin Elaschuk in the band ESQ. Dave Say has played with well known artists Brad Turner, The Supremes, Dee Daniels and Michael Buble and has been a force on the Vancouver scene. Known for his soulful melodic sound and composing style and some exciting exploratory powerhouse improvisation, you will not want to miss Say in this episode.

Listen to beautiful free exploratory improvisation with Say and Claude Ranger on some extremely special tracks and hear Say with some gifted Vancouver musicians including George McFetridge, Bob Murphy, Daryl Jahnke, Al Wiertz, Lawrence Mollerup, Steve Holy and the one and only Bernie Arai. These are Vancouver talents you will enjoy with great original writing from Say and some very fine performances by all involved. Be sure to check it out and listen in and hear Say's comments on music and the Vancouver scene and the musicians he has worked with over the years not to be missed and only on Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM.

February 20, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

February 18, 2013-Rhythmaning


Rhythmaning for February 18, 2013 features some exciting improvisation coming out of Ontario and New York. This is one of the best newer Toronto albums I have heard in some time. The band is drummer Barry Romberg's Random Access Part 12. Barry's RA has released over 12 CDs and the band has had different incarnations, four of them over the years. This album features fantastic guitar work from Toronto's Geoff Young and New York's Ben Monder. Tune into some great sounds from this band. The CD is called "Crabpeople" and is really worth checking out and purchasing. Some killer fusion sounds on the first track "20% off". Do not miss this band.

Then we venture into some brand new fabulous tracks from talented pianist David Virelles from his latest release "Continuum" followed by a track from the most recent sounds from powerhouse saxophonist Tia Fuller. Her band and new album features some really nice playing. Then later hear some fantastic BC players on Michael Blake's latest album moving into some prepared piano from Benoit Delbecq and his trio.

In the second hour a triple play of Kenny Garrett,then Canadian guitarist Sonny Greenwich with "Let's Play the Blues" and closing up with Jerry Gonzales and the Fort Apache Band and master saxophonist/composer Wayne Shorter.

Be sure to tune in next week for some soulful saxophone playing from Vancouver's Dave Say. Composer/saxophonist/recording engineer Dave Say has been a force on the Vancouver scene for decades. He has played with everyone on the scene including Tony Wilson, Now Orchestra, Hard Rubber Orchestra, Claude Ranger, ESQ, Brad Turner Quintet, Dee Daniels, George McFetridge, Jill Townsend Big Band, Mike Allen Nonet, The Supremes and much more.

Listen to some of BC's best musicians with some tracks from late drummer Al Wiertz and one of Canada's favorite drummers-Claude Ranger. Listen to some beautiful free improvisation with Say and Ranger and hear tracks with gifted Vancouver guitarist Daryl Jahnke. We will catch up on Say's latest news and projects and hear some special recordings only on Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM. Visit www.rhythmaning.ca for more news, some podcast listening, interviews and more and for the latest on past and current shows. Keep it locked on Rhythmaning.

February 20, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

February 11, 2013-Happy tracks, Indian Jazz and more


In this Rhythmaning podcast episode some positive and upbeat tracks from American jazz greats Nat King Cole with his King Cole Trio from 1939, and great vocal legends Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, Betty Carter and Carmen McRae. Moving on we get into some jazz guitar from Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Kurt Rosenwinkel. Then later Canadian tracks from the new album and some improvisation from the Peggy Lee Band on Drip Audio, then more from Peripheral Vision, Iconoclast Trio and Grupo Jazz Tumbao.

In the second hour do not miss a lovely Kenny Wheeler composition as performed by one of the west's finest guitarists- Oregon's John Stowell with some fine work by the band and some fantastic chordal work from Stowell and as always some nice improvisation and guitar sounds.

Finishing off with some Indian jazz dance grooves from vocalist Bappi Lahiri, then sounds from guitarist Rez Abassi and also the epic album and band 'Miles from India' merging some of India's finest musicians with American musicians who recorded or worked with Miles Davis. The show wraps up with one of my favorites, saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa on the New York label Pi Recordings. Have a listen and get into some beautifully pleasant relaxing sounds at the beginning of the show moving into some edgier sounds for the finish line...something for everyone and eclectic in taste.

February 05, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Eleanor Collins - February 4, 2013


This podcast features an in depth interview with 93 year old Vancouver vocal jazz legend, Eleanor Collins with outstanding music tracks sent from CBC archives. Sitting across from me in her elegant home setting Collins talks about her career, the Vancouver music scene, the jazz scene, the musicians and her l955 television series, entitled the “Eleanor” show. She was an exceptional talent and easily became one of Canada’s best loved jazz vocal artists of the l950’s through the l970’s.

Eleanor began her radio career at CBC Vancouver as featured vocalist with the Ray Norris Quintet and throughout the years she worked with Vancouver’s leading musicians such as the Chris Gage Trio, Doug Parker Orchestra, Lance Harrison Band, Bobby Hales Orchestra and Fraser McPherson. Her television career began with the inaugural musical/dance series out of CBUT Vancouver in August, l954, called “Bamboula”. She later followed with such variety shows as Parade, Riding High, Back-A-Town Blues, Quintet and Heritage as well as guest appearances on numerous other B.C. and Toronto television productions.

An interesting fact is that Collins’ television program preceded Nat King Cole’s l956 tv show in the United States. At the time Nat Cole was thought to be the first artist of colour to host a national show. That credit, however, may rest with a Canadian who is also a woman. Research appears to confirm that the l955 “Eleanor” show was indeed the first national television series in North America to be hosted by a black artist.

Always considered a consummate artist, Eleanor was also blessed with great presence, elegance, beauty and glamour and despite many international offers by leading musicians of the day she chose to remain in Canada. Her television show aired in the l950’s during an oppressive period for artists of colour, but her talent and high visibility helped break down barriers for performers and Canadians from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Eleanor Collins has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the recent award of Canada's highest honour, the Order Of Canada awarded to Collins in June 2014, for her contribution to arts and entertainment as a pioneer jazz vocalist and for breaking down barriers and fostering race relations in the mid-20th century.

Canada's Eleanor Collins is featured on the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society multimedia educational website at http://www.jazzstreetvancouver.ca/artists/23.

CHLY 101.7 FM 's Rhythm'a'ning host and producer Kerilie McDowall is pleased to broadcast and podcast this great Canadian artist as documentation of music history for old and new fans alike. Much gratitude and appreciative thanks goes out to CBC Vancouver archivist Colin Preston. Much thanks also to archivist David Jones, CBC Hot Air producer Phillip Ditchburn and to CBC host and producer Paolo Pietropaolo for sending along the music tracks and for all of your helpful assistance. Thanks so much to all of you for your efforts in making this happen.

Special thanks to the inspirational Eleanor Collins, Judith Maxie, the Collins family, and CHLY l0l.7 FM Assistant Producer Joan Isberg Herron for going the extra mile. Also much appreciation for CHLY l0l.7 FM Program Manager Dylan Perry's assistance with this special project. Heartfelt thanks to all of you and to CBC Vancouver for your positive energy and dedication to this broadcast.

February 05, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

February 4, 2013-Part Two


This is Part Two of the Eleanor Collins feature broadcast on February 4, 2013. This second part of the show celebrates Black History Month with selections from Canadian jazz master guitarist Sonny Greenwich.

Two Greenwich compositions are included from two separate albums, the title track taken from Greenwich's "Fragments of a Memory" recording, and "Black Beauty" from the Spirit in the Air album. These tracks feature Greenwich performing with some of the best Canadian musicians from Toronto and Montreal and the improvisation is exquisite. You will not want to miss it. Be sure to listen to the January 21, 2013 Rhythm'a'ning Sonny Greenwich interview with music on podcast it is available now.

February 02, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

January 28, 2013


January 28, 2013

This podcast episode features tracks from some great American jazz artists like Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Ahmad Jamal, Sonny Rollins, both John and Alice Coltrane,Brian Blade and Lionel Loueke. The show also features Canadians Melinda Whitaker, Longhand and great Canadian legends Ed Bickert and Don Thompson.

Tune in for some relaxing sounds from some great North American jazz artists, sit back, put your feet up and soak in the sounds of some of the great jazz masters with some new artists thrown in for your listening pleasure.

Coming up next week February 4, 2013, at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time the focus will be on Black History Month. I will be featuring two great Canadian jazz artists for the upcoming show. The first part of the show will feature an in depth interview and music from Vancouver jazz vocal legend Eleanor Collins.

Collins is one of Canada's early radio and television pioneers and was the first black artist ever to host a North American television series with her 1955 tv show "Eleanor". A truly brilliant and gifted talent, she is one of Canada's greatest jazz vocal artists from the 1940's.

Now at the age of 93, Eleanor shares stories about her career, the 1950s Vancouver music and jazz scene, the musicians and CBC history in this close up interview. This is some fascinating west coast Canadian history with some really special 1950s and 1960s music tracks generously sent by CBC Vancouver. You will not want to miss this upcoming broadcast and podcast.

The last half of the show will include two tracks that I wanted to play from another important Canadian jazz artist recently on the show for an interview - Sonny Greenwich. Montreal's Sonny Greenwich has had a 50 year career as an innovative guitarist and composer. Do not miss the podcast it is available now.

Eleanor Collins and Sonny Greenwich are the jazz masters featured for February's Black History Month brought to you by Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM. Be sure to join us for some really fantastic tracks from these two brilliant Canadian artists.

January 28, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Sonny Greenwich Interview


This January 21, 2013 Rhythm'a'ning podcast episode features an interview with Montreal jazz guitar legend Sonny Greenwich. Greenwich is known for his stunning lyricism and melodic compositions that evoke beautiful improvisatory soundscapes and capture a deep spiritual connection with the audience and listener.

An important Canadian artist, Sonny Greenwich is listed in the Canadian Book of Lists as one of the best Canadian jazz musicians of all time. He enjoys an international reputation and has received the Order of Canada, Canada's highest honour for his work as a composer and musician.

Greenwich's recording career spans over 50 years. He has played with the greats of the jazz world including Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, McCoy Tyner, John Handy, Hank Mobley, Don Thompson and more.

In the 1970's Greenwich was part of the cutting edge avant garde scene and is known both in the US and Canada as an innovative player. He has led his own bands with some of North America's greatest musicians. Sonny's beautifully melodic and transcendent compositions allow for majestic improvisation taking the listener on a wondrous and epic journey.

His natural ability to transcend and elevate a band caught the attention of many of the jazz world's greatest American and Canadian artists resulting in recordings for Blue Note, Justin Time, Cornerstone, CBC recordings and his own label Kleo Records.

Sonny is admired by guitarists all over the globe and is known for his writing and brilliant horn inspired guitar lines and improvisation. In this podcast episode you will not want to miss Sonny talking about Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Lenny Breau, Ed Bickert, Sun Ra and also about his compositional work, meditative improvisation and how he gets his sound.

Join Rhythm'a'ning host/producer Kerilie McDowall for an in depth podcast two hour special feature interview that showcases the music of Sonny Greenwich. Visit www.kleo-records.com for more information on the recordings and to learn more.

January 15, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

January 14, 2013-In Memory of Ross Taggart


Victoria born 45 year old tenor saxophonist, pianist and composer Ross Taggart is remembered in this podcast episode in the first hour. CHLY hosts and producers share their memories of Ross Taggart and over 5 albums are played featuring the music of Ross Taggart with his own trio and quartet groups, a duo with Bob Murphy and the group Ugetsu.Ross made a big impact in the jazz world and is remembered fondly by CHLY 101.7 FM Program Director Dylan Perry, host and producer of Fresh Cuts. What's Next host/producer Tom Roden also shares about his experiences with Ross and plays a favorite track of Ross performing on Jobim's Corcovado.

Ross Taggart will be greatly missed by the jazz community and his fans across Canada. A memorial service is planned for Saturday, January 19 at 1 pm at Cordova Bay United Church, 813 Claremont Ave., in Saanich, BC.

In the second hour of the podcast Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Aeroplane Trio and more. Finishing up the show is Order of Canada recipient guitarist/composer Sonny Greenwich from Montreal with music from his 'Live at Sweet Basil' album.

Next week join host Kerilie McDowall on Rhythm'a'ning for news, more music and a live interview with Montreal jazz guitar legend Sonny Greenwich Monday January 21, 2013 at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time and 8 pm Eastern Standard Time on CHLY 101.7 FM at www.chly.ca. For more information on guitarist/composer Sonny Greenwich visit www.kleo-records.com.

January 08, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

January 7, 2013


The show starts off with a lesser known eastern Canadian vocalist from the 40's named Phyllis Marshall. I feature 5 nice tracks so you can get to know her sound. After that some of American trumpeter/vocalist Clora Bryant's album 'Gal with a Horn' and some more of pianist and composer Mary Lou Williams with tracks from her 'Zodiac Suite'.

Then the show moves into some more modern sounds from eastern and western Canada and more from Pi Recordings' Amir El Saffar and Concord's Esperanza Spalding.Do not miss the band Tiger's Milk with some beautiful abstract soundscapes and improvisation featuring BC's Dylan Van der Schyff. Hear tracks off the Peggy Lee Band's latest and be sure to pick up the album it is available now on Drip Audio.

This show is a feature of the old to ease you into the new with some great sounds from the both old and new school.

Tune in Monday January 21, 2013 at 5 pm Pacific Time or 8pm Eastern Time for a live interview with Order of Canada Montreal jazz guitarist and composer Sonny Greenwich. Greenwich has been a guitarist and composer for over 50 years bringing you some beautifully melodic, uplifting and transcendent compositions with his own bands for decades. Greenwich performed with jazz greats like Miles Davis,Sun Ra,Pharoah Sanders,McCoy Tyner, John Handy and more in the late 60's and early seventies. When Wayne Shorter left Miles Davis' band he asked Montreal guitarist Sonny Greenwich to join his New York Art Quartet. Greenwich has also recorded with Canadian greats such as Don Thompson, Ed Bickert and Lenny Breau and more.

Known internationally for his original guitar work and compositions and his ability to elevate the band, Sonny Greenwich is one of Canada's top jazz greats so do not miss the upcoming interview and podcast with one of Canada's best.

January 01, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Melinda Whitaker-December 31, 2012


Victoria, British Columbia vocalist Melinda Whitaker talks about her latest release, 'Lucky So and So' featuring some of Vancouver Island's top musicians. The album was produced by 2012 Canadian JUNO winner Qualicum saxophonist,pianist,composer and arranger Phil Dwyer and features bassist Ken Lister, guitarist Pat Coleman, trumpet player Brad Turner and more. Dwyer plays piano and saxophones and has crafted some fine and clever arrangements.

The album features Melinda's vocals very nicely. Her rich and deep timbred contralto voice carries these jazz standards beautifully and delivers a smart sound that does not disappoint. This album is also a nice feature of our island musicians and some of our top BC talent. American drummer Julian McDonough joins the project and does a nice job alongside some of Canada's top musicians. This podcast features tracks from Melinda's new 2012 album 'Lucky So and So' along with a chat with Melinda and her latest news so do not miss it.

In the second hour Toronto, Ontario violinist Aline Homzy joins host Kerilie McDowall for a chat about her latest recording projects, news and more. At the age of 23, Aline is already embarking on her professional career and wowing audiences with her talent. Check out the interview and music then stay tuned for Kerilie's favorite jazz and improvised music releases from 2012. Included is a list of quality Canadian and US albums to add to your music collection from 2012. Happy New Year's and the best to all of you for 2013!

January 01, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Rhythmaning with James Wood-December 24, 2012


Subbing for me for this Christmas show so I could take a mini holiday break is the spectacular James Wood also known as 'Jimmy V' or 'Jimmy Vulgar' from the CHLY 101.7 FM heavy metal show 'Paint a Vulgar Picture' aired Thursdays from 7-9 pm PST. A big thanks going out to James for doing this big favour for Christmas....thanks James!

James is one groovy and most excellent jazz and improvised music dj/selector and spins some great local music from Vancouver and drops some other hip tracks from Esperanza Spalding, Elizabeth Shepherd, October Trio, Chet Baker, Ratchet Orchestra, Peggy Lee Band and more. Tune in now and sample the tracks! Listen in to James' show Thursday at 7 pm.

December 18, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Christmas Jazz-Rhythmaning-2012


Jazzy Christmas tunes for snowy wintery days with some new tracks and also older jazz tracks from the 1960's in this Rhythm'a'ning Christmas episode. From Wayne Shorter to Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, new Laila Biali ,Ingrid Jensen, ESQ, new Mike Allen and more. Cozy up to Xmas jazz favorites from Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Carmen McRae.

Rhythm'a'ning wishes you a happy holiday season with best wishes for the New Year to all of our podcast listeners in North America, Europe, Australia and around the world. Thanks for listening to CHLY 101.7 FM.

December 11, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

CHLY Host and Producer Emile Weekes


CHLY 101.7 FM host and producer Emile Weekes from the CHLY show Groove Concept Radio (Saturdays 1:30-4:00 pm)joins me for a two hour delve into his record collection for some really great tracks and conversation. Check out epic 1970's jazz funk and explore some sounds with selections by Emile. From 'Duran Take 4' from Miles Davis to the 'Drinking Song' from Gary Bartz Ntu Troop, this episode features some really fun tracks. Emile's show Groove Concept Radio spins R&B, hip hop,jazz and soul and funk. Be sure to check Emile out live on the airwaves or visit www.chly.ca and check out the Groove Concept Radio podcasts.

It is so great to get Emile Weekes finally on the show. We have been talking about it for ages. Emile is an avid record collector and collects jazz as well as other styles of music. I love listening to Emile's show. He always spins great tracks every week and has excellent taste and intuition as a producer. The show is like the title...it grooves. Be sure to check Groove Concept Radio out this Saturday at 1:30 pm PST.

November 30, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Early Jazz with Tom Roden and Gordon Theedom


Join CHLY host and producers Kerilie McDowall, Gordon Theedom and Tom Roden for a listen to some early rare jazz recordings from the 1940s from the record collections of Theedom and Roden. In this episode extremely rare samples of Canadian pianist Chris Gage from 1948 that Gordon Theedom recorded on his 1940s record label Theedom Records, air on my show for the first time. Hear rare selections from Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw. These recordings have not been broadcasted on radio since the 1950s so do have a listen and enjoy!

Tom Roden and Gordon Theedom share their memories and expertise with a fascinating look into jazz history and recordings and also how these early recordings were made.

Tom Roden and Gord Theedom recently helped co-produce with music and ideas for the shows on jazzwomen in the She Jazz broadcasts we produced. The shows are available and located in the podcast feed at dailysplice.com and at rhythmaning.ca

Hear interesting stories about early Nanaimo in the 1940's, jazz music and recording history and more from two of my favorite CHLY hosts Tom Roden and Gordon Theedom only on Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM.

Coming up next on Rhythmaning from Montreal an interview with Canadian jazz guitar legend Sonny Greenwich. Stay tuned for the details and the interview time and date. Greenwich is one of Canada's important jazz artists so be sure to tune in and catch up on Sonny's news and listen to some beautiful Sonny Greenwich recordings.

November 25, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

John Korsrud interview


This podcast episode will suit those interested in improvisation, composition and the Vancouver music scene. Join host Kerilie McDowall for an interview with Vancouver 2012 Mayors Arts Award winner, composer and bandleader John Korsrud. Korsrud was recently commissioned by The American Composers Orchestra for Carnegie Hall. His spectacular band the Hard Rubber Orchestra is a favorite among Vancouver audiences.

In this episode John discusses his work with his own various orchestras, his recent performance at New York's Carnegie Hall, his 2012 win of the Vancouver's Mayors Arts Award, composition and more.

Listen to tracks from John Korsrud's Hard Rubber Orchestra, Orquesta Goma Dura, Korsrud's spectacular Elvis Cantata, a recent commission by Francois Houle and more. This innovative composer and bandleader puts on elaborate exciting shows with Vancouver's best musicians and has produced and conducted over 100 shows including multimedia, operas, tv specials, arts raves, and even an ice show for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Do not miss this fascinating look into John's life as a composer and bandleader. This is an opportunity to hear some of Vancouver's best musicians and a nice selection of Korsrud's work as a composer and bandleader. Be sure to check it out.

In the second part of the show listen to Barrie, Ontario composer, drummer, and percussionist Valerie Hathaway-Warner discuss her recent projects. Her recent books, 'The Top 10 Things Music Educators Need to Know About Percussion and 'Effective Musical Literacy through Hand-drumming in the Elementary Grades' are a must for educators.

Explore a past composing collaboration with host Kerilie McDowall and Valerie Hathaway -Warner and flute. The track by guitarist/composer McDowall and composer and percussionist/studio whiz Warner and flute was composed when they were teenagers...a fun blast from the past. The track includes improvisation, studio manipulations with processing and aleatory composition techniques.

This podcast episode is for those interested in the creative process. Do not miss Vancouver's gifted composer John Korsrud speaking on creativity and composition, his life and work as a composer with BC's best musicians and more on Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM, Vancouver Island, Canada and the BC and Upper Washington west coast Mondays 5-7 pm PST at www.chly.ca. Rhythm'a'ning is on iTunes and www.dailysplice.com.

November 10, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

She Jazz-Bonus Tracks-Part Two


This podcast episode is the second part of a two part podcast series on early North American jazzwomen with host Kerilie McDowall on CHLY 101.7 FM's jazz and improvised music radio program and podcast Rhythm'a'ning.

Enjoy two hours of extra bonus tracks from North Americans such as The International Sweethearts of Rhythm, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Gisele MacKenzie, Clora Bryant, Melba Liston, Mary Osborne, Ina Ray Hutton, Phyllis Marshall and more.

Thanks to Nanaimo co-producers Tom Roden of the CHLY show What's Next and Gord Theedom of CHLY's show Music from the Past for your input, help, work and recordings. A huge thanks also to Ontario producers/broadcasters David Lennick and Ted O'Reilly for help in obtaining recordings and for being so fantastic. Special thanks to David Lennick for restoring a badly damaged 1949 Phyllis Marshall recording for the first show. I can not thank all of you enough.

Thanks also to Richard Green, Jack Litchfield, Alan Matheson, Ken Puley, Mike Bryan, Jean Pierre Sevigny, Tom Sandler and Judith Maxie for all your help with research and assistance. Thanks to all of you for your contributions in helping to make this show happen.

These two part podcasts are a tribute to the jazzwomen of North America. The shows only scratch the surface of the talent from our early North American jazzwomen. There are so many more wonderful brilliant women that have not been included, yet it is a beginning for the world of podcasting and getting the music out there for educational purposes and to help create some documentation for Canadian early jazz artists.

I hope you enjoy the two part series and I welcome your feedback. Visit www.rhythmaning.ca for more information and extra links or to contact us.