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September 17, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall- Rhythm'a'ning- CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo, BC Rhythm'a'ning

September Rain- Jazz Smiles Part One


A favorite standard of many jazz musicians comes up today- Chad MacQuarrie starts it off with 'Stella by Starlight' leading into his experimental electronica and a unique world/rock/hard core/jazz influenced track. Hear MacQuarrie on Rhythmaning next week for a live interview at 5 pm. Sample 'Untitled 1' and 'Swanvista Suite C' in this podcast and much more next week September 23rd including Chad's latest solo work for his upcoming October tour in Eastern Canada. Visit arentedcrutch.bandcamp.com for more info.

September 30th at 5 pm on Rhythmaning will feature acclaimed Vancouver jazz club owner, saxophonist and producer for Cellar Live record label Cory Weeds on the program and the legendary and great jazz pianist Harold Mabern from New York. We will hear music from Weed's and Mabern's projects, recordings and more from Cellar Live label artists. Lastly some exciting news- Cory Weeds will be performing with New York legendary pianist Harold Mabern here in Nanaimo October 1 at VIU Theatre and 11:30 in a workshop for the public at VIU on October 2nd. They will be joined by bassist John Webber and drummer Joe Farnsworth from New York city. Listen to a track from Cory's album with guitarist Bill Coon and one from Harold Mabern's latest....catch them on Salt Spring or in Nanaimo- to learn more www.coryweeds.com.

Greetings to new listeners in the UK and also Africa it is nice to have you exploring Canadian and American improvisation and jazz music!

In this episode Paolo Fresu Sextet,and a nice triple shot of guitarist Wes Montgomery then one favorite saxophonist/composer Wayne Shorter leading into some playing from the Sonny Greenwich Ensemble with 'Fragments of a Memory.'

Closing up the set with Ingrid Jensen- a New York trumpet sensation who lived and grew up here in Nanaimo. The best of Rhythmaning 2013 jazz and improvised music radio podcasts going back to 2010 in the archives is always available at dailysplice.com, iTunes,chly.ca and rhythmaning.ca.

Hang in for Part Two there is more jazz smiling in Best Part Two for your September rainy days on the wild west coast of BC in a paradise called Vancouver Island in Canada- yes Canada. Have a cup of tea or jazzy java and crank the tunes!

September 17, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall- Rhythm'a'ning- CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo, BC Rhythm'a'ning

September Rain- Jazz Smiles- Best Part Two


In this 3rd hour of jazz and improv- yummy stuff with faves The Bad Plus- one most wicked John Coltrane track 'Mr. Day' from Coltrane Plays the Blues (October 1960)that has seen me through the years it is one I always re-visit-

One hauntingly beautiful album, "Android Love Cry' from the band Tiger's Milk- a trio of some compelling musicians including Vancouver's Dylan Van der Schyff on percussion and drums who plays abstract with propelling and textural motion and is nicely creative and complimentary. In this setting Rob Mazurek on trumpet and laptop and bassist Jason Roebke really have great interplay with Van der Schyff and the trio never appears to run out of unique ideas.

Then into John Zorn's album 'Naked City' with Saigon Pickup followed by another Zorn track from Pat Metheny's latest album featuring all compositions by Zorn and guitars by Metheny also with his orchestrionics.

More guitar with Nanaimo's Jesse Marshall and Lee Ellefson's latest duo album, 'Something Sweet' and closing with Toronto's Laila Biali's arrangement and interpretation of Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock' with dazzling saxophone solo work by Vancouver Island's multi JUNO winner Phil Dwyer. Laila kicks it with the vocals and piano and locks it in. Best Part Two of best improv and jazz from Rhythm'a'ning- CHLY 101.7 FM.

September 11, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo,BC Rhythm'a'ning

Rhythmaning with McDowall and Roden- 97 Years of Jazz!


One of my favorite CHLY hosts and producers joins me once again! Tom Roden from the Monday CHLY morning program ,'What's Next' offers up his years of expertise as a record collector and music fan with an ambitious 2 hour podcast covering over 97 years of Jazz!

Now realize it is true we do not cover all the decades and all the greatest artists-( we left out the 70s and 90s)....it is almost all impossible in just two hours! Jazz is one long history and tradition. The past 97 years is an amazing culmination of creativity and exploration by North America's brilliant musicians. There is so much to cover within the history of jazz that it is simply not going to happen in a short two hour show!

Accurate historical music information on jazz would need a long and drawn out series and there are some great videos out there to check out- but what we present in this radio podcast are some of Roden's favorites from his extensive record collection. We span over 97 years with even a few tracks from my treasured Lenny Breau records from my own record collection that Tom has recently transfered over for me on to CD.

Starting off the program, hear the very first jazz recording release from February 26th, 1917 titled, 'The Dixieland Jass Band One Step', with tracks from different periods leading towards a recently recorded solo August 2013 track from Vancouver guitarist Chad MacQuarrie. Tom and I spin some tracks from the 20s-50s and much more going through chronologically and then jumping around the decades a bit.

Listen to guitar wizard Lenny Breau on 'Quietude' recorded in 1983 and one of my favorite all time vocalists, Billie Holiday, with her first recording session release under her own name. Also in this podcast is one of jazz's most exceptional artists, Oscar Peterson, who passed away in 2007 and is greatly missed by all Canadians. Peterson is featured on two tracks from Roden's collection- with Peterson brilliant as always.

Jump back to honour the memory of Vancouver trombonist Dave Robbins (1923-2005) with two tracks featured from his album, 'Trombones Forever, a reunion concert' from 2001... great trombone players....all things trombone!! Enjoy this and there is even more...

For vinyl lovers you will want to catch some highly valuable tips from Roden on how to transfer vinyl over to CD with a water process- Roden can even work miracles with my old warped records- nothing stops him! At the age of 82, Roden has a wealth of experience and elegance and wisdom. Be sure to join Roden and myself for a listen to over 97 years of creative brilliance from some terrific artists. From Mary Lou Williams to Vancouver's Cory Weeds and more. Join in for the fun!

Coming up in 2 weeks, Rhythmaning presents guitarist/songwriter/vocalist/composer Chad MacQuarrie on September 23rd at 5 pm. Tune in to hear MacQuarrie's latest solo releases, experimental creations, improvisatory soundscapes and even some hard core. MacQuarrie covers a wide range of styles with his music and we will explore some of his varied projects from the past decade and chat about his creative work and ideas. Do not miss it. For more on MacQuarrie visit arentedcrutch.bandcamp.com.

Pssst...New York's Harold Mabern in Nanaimo with star Vancouver saxophonist Cory Weeds? Yes it is true. Weeds and Mabern will perform October 1st from 7-9 pm at VIU Theatre at Vancouver Island University. Be sure to catch legend Mabern and sucessful producer/saxophonist/record label and Cellar club owner extraordinaire Cory Weeds on Rhythmaning. I will interview Weeds and Mabern on Monday September 30th starting at 5pm and livestreaming at www.chly.ca. On this show I will spin some tracks from Mabern's latest. We will hear a few of Weeds own recording projects and we will also sample some of Cellar Live's fine recording artists- be sure to catch it- jazzy- jazzy! www.coryweeds.com for more info.

September 06, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall- Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

The John Lee Trio-Live in studio


In this podcast- some of Nanaimo's special up and coming jazz talent. Featured today on Rhythm'a'ning is the John Lee Trio led by 20 year old multi-instrumentalist and bassist John Lee. Rising star John Lee performed recently on the drums with Cyrus Chestnut and his Sextet in New York at the Lincoln Centre.

Lee has performed professionally since age 12 and has performed with artists such as Terell Stafford, Christine and Ingrid Jensen,Joel Miller and Phil Dwyer. Lee already leads his own 'Next Generation', instructional summer program where he mentors and instructs his younger peers. Young Canadian Lee has performed professionally in New York, Boston and Washington. For more information on Lee visit his website at johnleemusician.com.

In today's podcast Lee performs with saxophone 16 year old talent and multi-instrumentalist Conn Stewart and gifted local 20 year old drummer and producer Michael Mlikotic. The John Lee Trio treats us with some jazz standard sets featuring songs like Bye Bye Blackbird, All Blues,Lester Leaps In,Cherokee and more.

Equally talented on bass and drums and other instruments like the piano, John Lee leads local jam sessions at the downtown coffee spot The Vault on Monday night and at the Corner Bistro on Thursdays from 8- 11 pm. Come hang out for some listening and catch a set.

Young multi-instrumentalist talent such as Lee and Conn Stewart reminds me that BC has always had its share of talented multi- instrumentalists. Canadian top talents like Don Thompson, Phil Dwyer, Brad Turner, Ross Taggart and others have demonstrated very clearly that it is possible to play several instruments extremely well. I am pleased to see such talent here in Nanaimo.

You will enjoy this fun live in studio performance of this trio of young musicians deserving of the spotlight today. They are wonderfully talented, entertaining and bright rising stars to watch out for and they will definitely put a smile on your face and make you proud of our young and up and coming Canadian talent. Be sure to drop by and listen.

Rhythm'a'ning is a jazz and improvised music radio program from Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, BC, Canada heard Mondays from 5-7 pm at Pacific Standard Time. Subscribe or download over 130 podcasts at iTunes, dailysplice.com, chly.ca or stop by the website rhythmaning.ca.

August 27, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall, Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo, BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Rhythmaning Summer Jazz Wrap -Up


Radio jazz broadcaster and pianist Marian McPartland passed away on August 20th, 2013 at the age of 95. She broadcasted to millions and began her career in the 1960's at a New York radio station leading to her National Public Radio program 'Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz'. Hear Marian playing piano on 'I Hear Music' and 'Street of Dreams' from her album 'Reprise' as we remember this wonderful jazz legend and radio broadcaster who inspired so many of us to love the art of improvisation and the world of jazz. I have a huge admiration here for Marian who brought us years of entertainment and wonder with her eloquent grace and wit. Marian McPartland will be missed and remembered fondly.

In this jazz episode a wrap -up for summer of both traditional and experimental sounds from jazz and improv artists from our archive. On the airwaves this week Chris Clark, Reg Schwager,Rob Mazurek Octet from their latest. More from Murley/Bickert/Wallace and Barry Elmes. Dropping tracks from pianist and vocalist Laila Biali, Tania Gill, Ryan Blotnick, JUNO winners Pugs & Crows,Lina Allemano Four,Jessica Stuart Few and Matthew Shipp.

More from two albums from Assertion and guitarist, songwriter, composer Chad MacQuarrie and drummer Scott Rabo with experimental and wondrous soundscapes and more to come with a live interview with Chad MacQuarrie on September 23, 2013 at 5 pm. Be sure to visit Chad's website at arentedcrutch.bandcamp.com for more information about his work and to download free mp3 tracks.

The play episode feature for podcasts is now up and running well again. You can still subscribe to Rhythm'a'ning and you can also download shows anytime online of over 130 podcasts from the past 3 years by clicking on RSS then right clicking the mp3 Media Files.

Next week a special live in studio performance with some of Nanaimo and Vancouver Island's most gifted and talented up and coming young jazz musicians. Rhythmaning will feature 20 year old up and coming multi instrumentalist and bassist John Lee with his fantastic trio of some of the best of our young island talent. Sixteen year old multi instrumentalist Conner Stewart on saxophone and 20 year old Michael Mlikotic on drums. It will be impressive. Don't miss it. You can catch these serious young players and rising stars at their regular Monday night jazz jam and open mic at Nanaimo's Vault Cafe downtown on Commercial Street. Stop by have a java and a snack and catch these gifted young players and support the scene. I am highly recommending that you go listen- they make Vancouver Islanders proud and are worth celebrating. I am giving them a full two hours next week so you can enjoy them as well with a live studio performance and interviews. Be sure to join in for the fun - you are going to love them.

A special thank you to Richard Green of The Library and Archives Canada for assisting me with recent additional research on Vancouver vocal jazz legend Eleanor Collins. Richard as always goes the extra mile and a grateful thanks for his help. Richard was also invaluable help with my research on early Canadian jazzwomen for past shows.

The Library and Archives Canada has a wide range of materials available for purchase including some copies of fantastic early Canadian recordings and videos of legendary jazz artists such as Eleanor Collins, Fraser MacPherson, Dave Robbins and Chris Gage who were Canadian Broadcasting Corporation artists and performers. You may search and purchase these and other great Canadian jazz recordings and videos and learn more at:


Download or subscribe to shows at iTunes, dailysplice.com, rhythmaning.ca or listen to the livestream at www.chly.ca. Check out our internet tv shows at tv.chly.ca in the evenings on weekends and during special simultaneous radio broadcasts. Brought to you by CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

August 20, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 01.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC Rhythm'a'ning

Lenny Breau Live Summer Jazz and Improv Tracks Part One


This two part special three hour radio podcast begins with some exciting tracks from the amazing guitar work of Canadian guitarist Lenny Breau. I have had this vinyl, 'The Velvet Touch of Lenny Breau-Live' in my collection for I am guessing about 30 years and finally got it transfered over to CD thanks to the wondrous magic of host and producer Tom Roden.

Tom Roden hosts the show, 'Music from the Past' on Mondays at 10 am and is one of our most senior broadcasters. He has just so much important and valuable musical knowledge and has collected music recordings since he was a child. Tom is a valuable member of our Nanaimo community and I am lucky to have him as a friend and collaborator on co-productions we have done and are working on.

These albums I am getting transfered over were extremely dirty and rough from sitting for 30 years and were even a little warped I was told- no matter to Tom- he has a heavy type of weight that he puts on the album in the centre to weigh it down when it is warped...he also cleans the vinyl thoroughly and even records the transfers while the album is in fact still wet with water- these are some of his amazing secrets!! I can not thank Tom enough for his work and time and I know you will want to also thank him too once you hear some tracks from Lenny's amazing guitar work from this album. These recordings are currently pretty difficult to obtain and is a real treat for me to re-visit and remember the melodies and solos bringing back happy memories.

There are more transfers from my collection coming too that I am highly excited about including some Ed Bickert, Paul Desmond with Ed Bickert, Don Thompson, more Lenny Breau, Mary Lou Williams and fantastic American female jazz guitarist Monette Sudler- that is a rare one too. Let's hope the recordings are rescueable and not too damaged or warped for transfer! In my collection one day is more to be transfered from the great Bill Evans, obscure Miles Davis and more.

Exhilirating and exciting sounds from so many gifted artists- from Benoit Delbecq, to the sounds that have been getting some serious compliments by listeners: saxophonist Michael Blake with JP Carter on trumpet, pianist Chris Gestrin and drummer Dylan Van der Schyff on their new album,'In the Grand Scheme of Things' People are interested and many compliments on those tracks.

Trumpet player Johnathan Finlayson with pianist David Virelles, Matthew Shipp, Spring Heel Jack, Tony Wilson, John Coltrane, his spirituality....to legendary jazz guitarist Pat Coleman on his album, 'Blue Comedy' with Vancouver Island Victoria saxophone star Monik Nordine on the favorite "desert island" album. There is so much more to delight the senses including Downbeat poll winners Canadians Francois Houle and Darcy James Argue and American saxophonist Tia Fuller. Dropping new and older jazz and some epic creative improvisation from the early 2000's and more.

You will not want to miss the exquisite sounds of Lenny Breau's jazz and even some picking on the country guitar from Lenny, listen to him play the 12 string guitar and his amazing use of harmonics. The news of more to come in this podcast episode ranging from the discussion of the seriousness of the Fukushima disaster to touching on spirituality, majestic and transcendent John Coltrane tracks and more. From the wild wild west coast at the very western reaches of Canada brought to you with love every week on Mondays from 5-7 pm PST at www.chly.ca, dailysplice.com, iTunes and rhythmaning.ca.

To download the program first click the RSS Feed icon then look below where it reads Media Files then right click the small blue text mp3 file and then left click on save target as in internet explorer or save link as in Mozilla and then save to a place you like on your computer- the play episode feature is currently down- working on a fix.

August 20, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 01.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC Rhythm'a'ning

Lenny Breau Live Summer Jazz and Improv Tracks Part Two


Part Two of Lenny Breau Live Summer Jazz and Improv Tracks-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM Nanaimo, BC, Canada www.chly.ca

For newbies this is how you download the podcast to your computer: First click the RSS feed icon then look below this description where it reads Media Files then right click the small blue text mp3 file and left click save link as in Firefox or save target as in internet explorer to save to a place you prefer on your computer.

August 13, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo, BC Rhythm'a'ning

New Jazz and More from the CHLY Archive


A glance back into the CHLY archives aleatory in the sense of capturing a glance at the rows of CDs and a random choice and decision to bring you a track from the past 12 years. Dip into the last decade from CHLY's superb collection of jazz and improvisation recordings. Also brand new exciting tracks from JUNO winner and drummer Barry Elmes from his latest release,'Happy Hour',Toronto Latin Jazz trumpet player Alexis Baro and smoking piano from sizzling Mike Ledonne with the rest going back a few years into our CHLY music library.

Highlights of this podcast episode include gorgeous playing from Rudresh Mahanthappa on 'Codebook' and some of Vancouver's gifted guitar talents, Gord Grdina, Chad MacQuarrie,Tony Wilson and Ron Samworth.

Local Nanaimo legendary guitar talent Pat Coleman is featured with trombonist and leader John Capon and the late Ross Taggart on Capon's album 'Full Circle'. The album is gratefully featured and was a gift from music recording collector and archivist Tom Roden from the CHLY program, 'What's Next'. Roden and I have co-produced several shows together along with his good friend Gord Theedom who hosts and creates 'Music from the Past'. Catch these programs every Monday at www.chly.ca starting at 10 am-12 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Pianist Bill Evans tastes and a meditative traditional oud feature originating from Iraq from oud player Gord Grdina entitled, 'Enshakoota'. Some traditional oud sounds that move into the exploratory. Hear the title track featuring Grdina's nicely intense and expressive guitar exploration called 'Barrel Fire.' Listen to a podcast from the Vancouver Jazz Festival of Grdina from the Rhythm'a'ning podcast archives.

Then pouring up a happy shot of bebop saxophonist Charlie Parker's Steeplechase with a remix from Dan the Automator. To some classic Peggy Lee Band featuring the complimentary guitar work of Tony Wilson and Ron Samworth and outstanding brilliant performances by cellist and gifted writer Lee and her band. Listen to individual podcasts of Peggy Lee, band members Tony Wilson and Dylan Van der Schyff that are currently in the online RSS feed podcast archive.

Delve into the powerhouse Aeroplane Trio featuring the work of dazzling Vancouver trumpet sensation JP Carter, talented bassist Russell Sholberg and the impressive drummer/songwriter/composer and JUNO winner Skye Brooks. Check out Skye's interviews on Rhythmaning podcast.

Then revisit a virtuostic and favorite improvised solo from violinist and JUNO winning Drip Audio producer and creator Jesse Zubot. Listen to his composition, 'Delirium', from his album, 'Dementia'. Visit www.dripaudio.com to hear some of the Vancouver scene's most gifted musicians on some beautifully stunning recordings produced and recorded by the ingenious visionary Jesse Zubot. BC's Drip Audio is one of Canada's best leading edge and innovative record labels currently so be sure to check them out. You will be wanting to pick up many of their albums of some of the best and most highly gifted creative improvisation artists currently in Canada.

Also highly recommended- the ethereal sounds from guitarist and vocalist/songwriter Chad MacQuarrie on 'Hey -Ho' with drummer Scott Rabo. For this versatile artist, you will want to crank up the volume on the exquisite guitar and band improvisation from MacQuarrie's recording, "Improv 1' from the album, 'Nothing is Equal=Unequal' from his band Swanvista. Get more information and download some of Chad MacQuarrie's latest tracks at www.arentedcrutch.bandcamp.com. Tune in at www.chly.ca or 101.7 FM for an interview with MacQuarrie September 23rd at 5pm PST.

Rhythmaning has been on the airwaves at CHLY for 12 years and originally aired over 2 decades ago at CFUV radio in Victoria, BC. Listen to the live stream at www.chly.ca. Download Rhythmaning radio show podcasts at iTunes, dailysplice.com, chly.ca and rhythmaning.ca. Broadcasting live from Vancouver Island going out on the airwaves out to a good part of the west coast and upper Washington and the Gulf Islands at 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC,Canada.

August 06, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM Nanaimo, BC Rhythm'a'ning

Summer Jazz Radio and The Jessica Stuart Few


Summery flavours and ingredients today in this summer jazz radio podcast episode with host Kerilie McDowall cooking up with a dash of everything and starting up and finishing with a spectacular short 45 second piece by local Gulf Island guitarist from BC with musical wizardry from Tony Wilson entitled, 'Radio'. The track is from the Tony Wilson Quintet album 'Horseplay'. Some of my favorite local island tracks have come from composer and guitarist and author Tony Wilson over the years be sure to check out his albums there are over 9 albums floating around possibly more. Download the Rhythmaning Tony Wilson radio podcasts currently up online at dailysplice.com and iTunes and chly.ca. Downbeat Magazine calls music sorcerer and guitarist Wilson, "a talismanic west-coast figure."

Tony Wilson's music ranges from the creative and experimental to folk, blues, rock and jazz and is beyond eclectic and will be sure to inspire. Great local talent from the Gulf islands paired up and recording with some wonderful Vancouver talent.

Then a little Billie Holiday and later some Riffin at the BBQ with The King Cole Trio from 1939 moving into a 1950s track from sizzling trumpet player and vocalist sensation Clora Bryant....love her.

Continuing on with some more fave flavours from India with an Indian influenced track from the great harpist (and pianist, organist) Alice Coltrane moving into some sitar-guitar from Rez Abassi featuring Kiran Ahluwalia on vocals with a stunning performance by the entire band from the album 'Snake Charmer.'

Then one brilliant track from Bappi Lahiri from his recent album, 'Walking on Love Street',the track is, 'East and West'. Note I like to spin tracks from both the Eastern and Western geographic locations also within North America and my own musical background is also definitely heavily eastern and western influenced within Canada. I'd love to hear the lyric from "East and West' from Bappi Lahiri translated to English, since I am a fan. You do not need a translation or understanding of the words to love this tune. Beautiful sounds from Bappi indeed.

Speaking of back East, Toronto folk jazz band The Jessica Stuart Few was in Nanaimo performing live and I managed to capture a couple of live tracks for airplay and catch up with Jessica Stuart and the band for a last minute interview. A guitarist, koto player and vocalist with a unique and original sound and catchy tunes, Jessica played some really great sets at Nanaimo's Corner Bistro from her new album,'Two Sides to Every Story'. Do not miss the interview and pre-recorded live music in the first half of the show. Visit jessicastuartmusic.com for the details on her current schedule for touring and the band's latest news.

In the second hour some more groovy tracks starting off with the one and only Miles Davis with Miles Runs the Voodoo Down- just too epic for words. Miles Davis transcends description with his brilliance. Then hear from Canadian jazz vocalist Phyllis Marshall, pianist Bill Evans the one and only Mike Allen Quartet.

The Iconoclast Trio featuring James McRae, George McFetridge and Larry Miller features a composition by gifted Vancouver composer/pianist George McFetridge. Closing off with Talking Pictures with Robin Holcomb and Wayne Horvitz a fantastic Vancouver/Seattle collaboration featuring superb musicians and lastly talented Ontario's jazz vocalist Elizabeth Shepherd. Summery jazz and west coast cedar tree hints with the summer breeze, mossy rain forest, ocean waves and sunshine from Rhythmaning on CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo,BC,Canada.

July 16, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM-Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Sun is Shining-Lotsa Jazz


This show begins with a nod to amazing performer and talented vocalist Bob Marley. He uplifted and transformed the world with his positive messages so I begin with the track, 'Sun is Shining' for a summer reggae delight before we get into the jazz.

Starting off the jazz set is the Ian McDougall Big Band, then the latest from Victoria based musician Ian McDougall with his new 'Ian McDougall 12tet Live' CD and a track from this new release into a blues from another album of Ian's featuring his sextet. Following that up later with Keith Jarrett and Colin Stetson from their latest.

Hear tracks from the brand new Vancouver Island album, 'Something Sweet' from local gifted island jazz guitarist Lee Ellefson with talented young guitarist Jesse Marshall and a feature of young up and coming vocalist Zoe Lauckner. The new album features original material from jazz guitarists Jesse and Lee and was recorded by Nanaimo's Rick Salt. For more information and to purchase the CD email jessebmarshall@gmail.com. Be sure to sample the tracks from this great local talent.

Then some traditional sounds from Parksville guitarist Howie Smith into pianist Myra Melford, then gifted young musician Esperanza Spalding and finally to wrap with master improvisor Herbie Hancock.

Rhythmaning is on summer podcast holiday until further notice.

(Rhythmaning radio shows will still occur live on Mondays from 5-7 pm PST and you can also listen live at www.chly.ca) Download and or subscribe to over 125 Rhythmaning podcast radio shows anytime for free anytime at dailysplice.com or chly.ca or at iTunes.

July 16, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM-Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Melinda Whitaker, Ray Haynes and Wayne Finucan interview


Victoria jazz vocalist sensation Melinda Whitaker joins host Kerilie McDowall with Jazz, Tea and Cheesecake event planner Ray Haynes and drummer and recording engineer Wayne Finucan for a cozy two hour chat about jazz, the jazz event at Morningstar Farm at Qualicum Cheeseworks and Mooberry Winery, multi JUNO winner Phil Dwyer, Canadian jazz guitar legend Lenny Breau and more.

Listen to some fine Phil Dwyer arrangements featuring vocalist Melinda Whitaker. 2012 multi-instrumentalist and Contemporary Jazz Album Juno winner Phil Dwyer winning this past year for his Phil Dwyer Orchestra album with 2012 JUNO winning bassist Ken Lister perform on Whitaker's new album along with other star BC talents. Check out and sample some great tracks in this podcast and be sure to buy the album at www.melindawhitaker.com. While you are at it venture out and check out Phil and Ken's websites at www.phildwyer.com and www.kenlister.com.

Canadian favorite Dwyer has a brand new CD release with Canadian multi award winning and Order of Canada winner Don Thompson entitled, 'Look For the Silver Lining' that you will also wish to buy along with Melinda's latest album with Dwyer called, 'Lucky So and So'.

Qualicum Cheeseworks/ Mooberry Winery event planner Ray Haynes is also a jazz saxophonist and we spin a few tracks of Ray's music and hear about the farm, the cheeseworks and winery and some of the artisan products available from the farm. Ray brought a guest I was so happy to meet, drummer and recording engineer Wayne Finucan, who spent many years performing on CBC as a drummer with Canadian guitar jazz legend Lenny Breau and also worked on the popular television program 'Stargate' as a sound engineer for many years.

Join us for a fun chat about all things jazz. Brought to you by Rhythmaning on CHLY 101.7 FM. Rhythmaning is on iTunes, dailysplice and chly.ca.

July 02, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM-Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Vancouver Jazz Festival 2013


The vibe was of the jazz variety in downtown Vancouver at the Vancouver Art Gallery at the downtown summer jazz stages at the 2013 Vancouver International Jazz Festival this year. My favorite BC festival did not disappoint with a little something for everyone and so much high level performance and creativity it was simply impossible to catch all the numerous tempting concerts.

Sample in this jazz and improvised music podcast and radio program Rhythmaning tracks from many of the jazz festival artists I saw during my 3 day Vancouver adventure. You know I did not get to see some of the better known American talents like Herbie Hancock, Esperanza Spalding or Kurt Rosenwinkel, but it did not matter the local BC, British and American talent at the free downtown stages were phenomenal and I was not disappointed, but rather entertained and impressed.

This podcast features Tommy Babin's Benzene, Sendero Luminoso, Chad MacQuarrie's bands Assertion and Swanvista, Monik Nordine, Scott White 4tet, Jennifer Scott and Brasileira, The October Trio, Elaschuk/Ryga Quartet,John Stowell and Michael Zilber and Melinda Whitaker with Phil Dwyer.

Summer jazz atmosphere for your stereo, computer, iPod or radio...however you may listen enjoy the happy vibes with some fantastic jazz tracks and also a set of some Vancouver art rock/indie/punk/jazz influenced tracks featuring some great improv from Vancouver guitarist Chad MacQuarrie towards the second hour.

It was a blast meeting up with old guitar player friends again and hanging out with new friends and enjoying the festival and the city of Vancouver. The city was intense like the music and it is nice to be back in cozy Nanaimo once again in paradise throughout the summer...I won't tell you anymore about Nanaimo and all our special relaxation destinations and sight seeing...it's a secret! Did I say whale watching just a few hours away? Or how about swimming in the lake, river or ocean...or going for a mountain hike or lakeside stroll?

Did I just give away the secret? Did you say lush and green rainforest? Waterfront walkways? Nice people? Seafood? Farmer's Markets...organic veggies..

Now for those not in the know-Vancouver is just as special as the island and boasts many of the same qualities, features and attractions...not to mention whales recently sighted by the Lions Gate Bridge right in the city. Hey Vancouver that was one great festival! Come and visit us at CHLY in Nanaimo some time we will give you the grand tour! Loved the festival loved the city...hey BC be proud!

June 30, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM-Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Rhythmaning with Emile Weekes-June 24, 2013


Join my good friend Emile Weekes as host and selector in this current podcast of up and coming music from Canadian summer jazz festivals. I made it over to the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, my favorite Canadian festival, to gather some new music for the show and catch the local and visiting talent. In the mean time Emile held down the chair while I was at jazz fest in Vancouver and has chosen some great tracks that you will want to download. In fact why not subscribe to Rhythmaning at dailysplice.com or on iTunes? Once you have checked out Emile go to www.chly.ca and check out Emile's radio and podcast show Groove Concept Radio heard on Saturdays from 1:30 pm-4 pm PST and catch some of his fantastic podcasts. Thanks Emile for sitting in.

I will fill you in on my jazz adventures while in Vancouver and spin all the artists I saw except a few this July 1st, 2013 from 5-7 pm PST live at www.chly.ca. I had a blast meeting up with and hanging out with old guitar player friends and meeting up with some new friends as well. There was so much I did not see this time around that makes me want to fly over to Montreal as Emile suggests to catch the rest! We are so blessed to have such talent here in BC and across North America and I hope you will support the jazz and improvised music community by attending concerts all year round after the festivals are over in your own town or city.

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival had something for everyone this year. The programming was very impressive and the free performances were also at a high performance level and were very enjoyable and entertaining. You can still make it down to the festivals in Vancouver or Victoria and enjoy the music. Thanks to Emile for holding down the fort and for spinning some hip tracks for you in this show do not miss it.

Visit tv.chly.ca in the evenings to view up and coming Nanaimo talent and visiting artists performing at CHLY's new Globe. CHLY will be moving to the Globe location in the future. Thanks for your continued support of CHLY 101.7 FM. Donate anytime at www.chly.ca.

June 18, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM-Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Canadian Compositions-June 17, 2013


In this episode a feature on purely Canadian music. Check out some jazz and creative improvisation featuring past composers/musicians host Kerilie McDowall has interviewed before on previous shows and podcasts. From Skye Brooks, Tony Wilson, Kevin Elaschuk, Monik Nordine, Andy Milne, Barry Elmes, Don Thompson, Sonny Greenwich, The Peggy Lee Band, Ken Lister and Phil Dwyer and more.

Also in this show sample some Francois Houle and other gifted talents. All pure Canadian original compositions and a nice slice of the west and the east within Canada.

Get to know these Canadian composers and their unique personalities by visiting www.chly.ca, click on podcasts, scroll down to Rhythmaning, click RSS and have access to over 125 podcasts from the past three years including interviews from many of these writers/composers. Enjoy the tracks and make an effort to get out and support jazz and improvised music this summer and all year long within your own local community.

CHLY 101.7 FM Nanaimo is now broadcasting simultaneous livestream radio broadcasts and internet television concerts. Rhythmaning hosted the first jazz internet tv show at CHLY with the visiting Toronto band, 'The Cookers' and the sound was superb. Visit tv.chly.ca to view the new shows and to learn more about this newer technology and all the exciting new developments at Vancouver Island's Globe at CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

June 13, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Improvisation Splash-June 10, 2013


Wade into some current and recent tracks from a variety of improvising artists. Trumpet and flugelhorn player Ingrid Jensen shines on a solo in Darcy James Argue's band's latest release from New York City.

Then dip into some improv from current North American artists from 2013 JUNO winning Pugs and Crows to the most current tracks from Steve Coleman and Five Elements and also David Virelles. More new Songlines Recordings artists are featured in this episode including great sounds from Michael Blake, The Chris Clark Quintet and talented pianists Benoit Delbecq and Fred Hersch.

Immerse yourself in Brandi Disterheft, Jacob Varmus and Peggy Lee's latest followed by a closing impressive set from British Columbia's Gulf Island composer and guitarist Tony Wilson. Today's episode is a seemingly eclectic dive into the world of improvisation with some of North America's unique artists to colour and brighten up your day with just a tad of jazzified influences and jazz tracks thrown in to satisfy any cravings for the familiar. Brought to you by Rhythmaning on CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

June 13, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

More from the 1930s and recent 2013 tracks


CHLY host and producers Tom Roden and Gord Theedom join me once again for some co-production in bringing you some fine 1930s tracks once again from sassy Dolly Dawn and The George Hall Orchestra and some fantastic Cab Calloway hits from the early 30s period chosen by Theedom for this show. Roden's picks include the opening Billie Holiday track and the later Bessie Smith from the 1920s. I have been so fortunate to have Theedom and Roden comb their 78 collections for some great tracks and it is always so fun and very enjoyable to work with them on shows.

Later in the sets we hear tracks coming into the station from the latest releases and then catch three tracks from gifted multi JUNO winning Vancouver Island multi-instrumentalist and composer Phil Dwyer from three separate albums including his 2012 orchestral JUNO winning album Changing Seasons. Hear Phil featured once again with Canada's Laila Biali. Laila is a gifted pianist and vocalist from Toronto with also much talent as an arranger and writer so be sure to stop by and do not miss it.

Again grateful thanks to co-producers Gord Theedom and Tom Roden for their work and for their always excellent ideas and amazing creativity and knowledge. You can listen to their programs at CHLY with What's Next with Tom Roden on Mondays at 10 am and Gord Theedom's Music from the Past at 11am also on Mondays at www.chly.ca and 101.7 FM on your radio dial.

June 05, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Barry Elmes Interview


Multi award winning Ontario jazz drummer/producer/recording engineer and Cornerstone Records president Barry Elmes is featured in a two hour close up interview in this podcast episode. This Rhythmaning show's playlist features past quintet albums and new unreleased quartet music tracks from Elmes' recordings as a leader. Elmes just picked up the 2013 JUNO award for Traditional Jazz album of the Year for his work as a producer and recording engineer for the Canadian jazz trio album, 'Test of Time'.

The new album 'Test of Time' is a Cornerstone Records release of previously unreleased tracks featuring the popular Toronto jazz artists Mike Murley, Ed Bickert and Steve Wallace. The trio performs standards and a few of leader Mike Murley's originals and all are in top form for some lyrical swinging standards and well crafted original compositions. This podcast episode also features compositions from the JUNO winning album so do not miss Bickert, Murley and Wallace's intuitive interplay on this album recorded and produced by internationally known drummer Barry Elmes.

Elmes joins me in this episode for a conversation about his work over the past decades as a drummer, composer, producer, recording engineer and professor at Ontario's York University. Barry has recorded over 70 albums as a drummer and has recorded with artists such as Dizzy Gillespie and Moe Koffman, Tommy Flanagan, Diana Krall, Oliver Jones and many more over the years.

Listen to some of my favorite tracks from several of the Barry Elmes Quintet albums and the recent JUNO winning album produced by Elmes. Talented drummer Elmes is also a gifted composer and we sample many of Barry's original catchy and melodic jazz compositions during the show that feature Elmes' exceptional drumming and writing. Hear three of Canada's premier jazz guitar players with some nicely exquisite work. Toronto favorites Ed Bickert and Reg Schwager perform brilliantly as does Montreal's Sonny Greenwich, who captures the poignant and spiritual composition by Elmes entitled, 'Fleur du Cap'.

Vanessa Rodrigues digs in nicely on the Hammond B3 organ on the Barry Elmes Quartet's new album, 'Happy Hour'. Saxophonist Perry White's melodies combined with Vanessa's Hammond B3, guitarist Reg Schwager and Elmes' drumming are a pure delight. As the album title, 'Happy Hour' suggests the music tracks on this recording offer up some truly enjoyable and happy vibes to the jazz listener.

Sample some of the new album's tracks here before they are released this summer. The new album 'Happy Hour' featuring the Barry Elmes Quartet will be available for sale at cornerstonerecordsinc.com so be sure to visit the website. If you would like to learn more about Barry Elmes visit www.barryelmes.com.

In this interview listen in as Elmes recounts the experience as a drummer working with American trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie and about recording and performing with Canada's Ed Bickert and much more for some compelling listening.

Join Rhythmaning for an intriguing delve into multi-talented Barry Elmes' world of drums, production, recording, teaching and more. Hear the tracks that feature some of Canada's finest jazz musicians. Learn about Barry's latest projects, news and thoughts and hear some fantastic music tracks. Catch all the details in this podcast with performances by some of Canada's best in this episode.

A grateful thanks to Joan Isberg-Herron for production assistance and for always going that extra mile.

The radio show Rhythmaning is brought to you by CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC, Canada livestreaming at www.chly.ca. The program can be heard live on Mondays from 5-7 pm Pacific Standard Time and 8-10 pm Eastern Standard Time. Coming at you from Vancouver Island, British Columbia and broadcasting to the west coast of British Columbia and Upper Washington, USA and on the world wide web by global podcast.

May 21, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

1930s and 40s Jazz and the Latest


This podcast spotlights the popular sounds of 1930s vocalist Dolly Dawn as featured by George Hall and his Taft Hotel Orchestra. Later vocalist/composer Dolly Dawn broke out her own and led her own band. Enjoy Dolly Dawn's sassy interpretations and carefree upbeat lyrics, brought to you thanks to assistance from producer and record collector Gord Theedom, host of CHLY's 'Music from the Past'. The Dolly Dawn tracks are from the mid 1930s and are wonderfully joyous all around.

Later hear more vocals from other Americans like Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald and Canada's Norma Locke, Phyllis Marshall and Kay Foster. Top it off with a bit of Nina Simone and Carmen McRae. Then hear from a listener's favorite request with a track from saxophonist Art Pepper.

Closing off the show with the latest from Vancouver's Cellar Live record label from the Mike Ledonne Trio and the Dave Robbins Electric Band. These are some great releases that are impressive and feature some fantastic musicians so be sure to check in and hear the latest coming from Cellar Live.

To wrap up dig in and listen to the Canadian JUNO winning album from Ontario's Cornerstone Records called 'Test of Time' featuring leader Mike Murley, legendary guitarist Ed Bickert and powerhouse bassist Steve Wallace. The JUNO winning album's producer and recording engineer, Barry Elmes will be on the show next Monday May 27th at 5 pm PST and 8 pm EST. Elmes is the president of Cornerstone Records and is an exceptionally gifted jazz composer and drummer. He has recorded over 70 albums with top North American musicians. Tune in to hear the story behind the JUNO and to catch up with drummer Elmes' news and projects. We will listen to some compositions from Barry Elmes from some of his past albums and a few tracks off the JUNO winning album so do not miss it. Catch this upcoming show next week on the livestream at www.chly.ca at 5 pm Monday May 27th, 2013 from Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

May 17, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Robins and Roses-more from the 1930s -May 13, 2013


This spring time podcast episode moves in retrograde starting with most recent releases moving to jazz tracks from my collection from the 1950's 1940s, 1930s and even a blues from the 1920's. A special gift from CHLY's producer and host Gordon Theedom is heard with some early recordings of Ina Ray Hutton and the Melodears from the 1930s and 1940s originally released on red vinyl from the Franklin Mint. Hear the charming track appropriate for spring, 'Robins and Roses', from one of the past's great 1930s entertainers-Dolly Dawn. Thanks to Music from the Past's Gord Theedom for music production assistance in the second hour of the show. Gord's radio show on CHLY plays music going from the 1950s back to the 1920s and 30s be sure to catch it on Mondays at 11 am it's a great show. It is possible that Gord Theedom may be one of the oldest radio hosts and producers in Canada currently on the air at age 86 and is one of CHLY's treasured radio hosts.

Sample tracks from recent Vancouver JUNO winners for Canada's Best Instrumental recording, the Pugs and Crows. Hear the winning album 'Fantastic Pictures' from Pugs and Crows wonderful debut album led by guitarist Cole Schmidt.

Toronto's Best Traditional Jazz album JUNO winners are also featured in this podcast episode. Best Traditional Jazz album winner, 'Test of Time' is from some of Toronto's no nonsense best: saxophonist Mike Murley, guitarist Ed Bickert and bassist Steve Wallace. The trio of musicians create some beautifully melodic and satisfying interpretations of standards as well as a few original compositions by saxophonist Murley.

Toronto's 80 year old Ed Bickert is of legendary status amongst jazz fans and guitarists and is in top form on the album along with Murley and Wallace, two other phenomenally gifted Toronto musicians. Ed Bickert is recognized internationally for his brilliant jazz guitar recordings and performances over past decades. Guitarists marvel at his mastery of the instrument and Bickert is admired for his incredibly intricate and beautiful chordal work and his solos are always lyrical, sensitive and ingenious. You can hear Bickert create his magic on this trio album, along with virtuostic performances also from saxophonist Mike Murley and powerhouse bassist Steve Wallace. Do not miss it.

Later we hear from Ontario's Cornerstone Records label president, engineer and producer: the highly gifted Canadian jazz drummer and composer Barry Elmes. Hear a track of Elmes' Quintet album 'Redshift' with some of Toronto's best musicians on the album as well. Elmes has recorded over 70 albums in past years. The wonderfully super talented Elmes is the producer and recording engineer of the recent 2013 JUNO winning album 'Test of Time'. You can sample some of the tracks from the JUNO winning album in this episode. Visit www.cornerstonerecordsinc.com for more information on Cornerstone Records, the most recent releases and to learn more. Tune in Monday May 27th at 5 pm PST and 8 pm EST for a live interview on Rhythmaning with Barry Elmes and to hear some special tracks from Cornerstone Records.

Hot off the presses the latest Colin Stetson and Darcy James Argue and later more on the topic of spring from Don Thompson, with 'Spring is Here' on solo piano. Then Montreal jazz guitarist Sonny Greenwich from Live at Sweet Basil and Miles Davis from Miles Smiles.

Track back to earlier years with some relaxing sounds from Billie Holiday, all female jazz orchestra The International Sweethearts of Rhythm, Ina Ray Hutton and the Melodears ( all female orchestra), Dolly Dawn, Clora Bryant and Mary Lou Williams-North America's great early jazzwomen who continue to inspire listeners with their talent.

Jump in and enjoy this backwards dance to the 1920's starting with the latest coming in the CHLY library from 2013 and latest releases winding back in a lazy retrograde to an early 1921 recording on this springtime episode of Rhythmaning brought to you by CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

May 11, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo,BC,Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Songlines Recordings-Benoit Delbecq and artist features


This podcast episode highlights music from one of North America's most exciting record labels and definitely one of my most favorite sources of leading edge Canadian recordings featuring new art music, avant garde, world, jazz and creative music styles from Canada and also New York and Europe. This is one of BC's most vibrant, daring and innovative businesses in the Canadian artistic world- Vancouver's Songlines Recordings.

Songlines Recordings owner and producer Tony Reif's first recording release was made available in 1992. In a 2011 interview with Jonathan Lindhorst at jazz.about.com, Reif commented, "I wouldn't put out a record that I didn't really believe in, that didn't perk up my ear and move me somehow".

Now with an impressive catalogue available at www.songlines.com, Reif has been able to produce and record exceptional Canadian artistic music of high audio quality and bring some exciting new soundscapes into the world of jazz, world, creative music and avant garde improvisation.

The Songlines listening experience is transformative and label owner and producer Tony Reif deserves an extended bravo and ovation for his outstanding work and fine catalogue of recordings.

Reif's recording artists bring genuine joy to the listener and have been inspirational to fans like myself and to other current CHLY producers/hosts and listeners who are also fans and are paying close attention to this cutting edge Canadian record label.

Listen to the latest recordings from the Songlines Recordings catalogue in this episode along with a few selections from the past. The first hour features one of my favorite Songlines artists, gifted French composer/improvisor and pianist Benoit Delbecq.

Influenced by avant garde composer greats like Gyorgy Ligeti and John Cage, Delbecq uses the exciting sounds of the prepared piano as part of his creative improvisations. Hear more about the prepared piano in this episode. Rhythmaning presents CHLY's recordings of France's Benoit Delbecq as a leader and also as a sideplayer and collaborator in this special feature. Over six different albums of amazing piano work by Delbecq. Do not miss it.

In the second hour we hear from Copenhagen's Sissel Vera Pettersen, then Vancouver's talented Gordon Grdina, New York's Michael Blake teamed up with some of Vancouver's best then another release from the October Trio, a brand new release from Chris Clark and then Montreal's Thom Gossage.

Kicking it off at the intro hear from Ben Monder and Chris Gestrin and Dylan Van Der Schyff. Lastly wrapping up the show with the Seattle/Vancouver collaboration Talking Pictures with Robin Holcomb and Wayne Horvitz.

This is a treasure trove of highly creative music recordings that you should not miss. For the very latest news, articles, links and recordings visit www.songlines.com.

Rhythmaning is brought to you by radio host and producer Kerilie McDowall at CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. We are currently in our spring fundraising campaign known as fundrive. Visit www.chly.ca and pledge to Rhythmaning and your name will be entered in a draw for $140 value prize of jazz CDs. The draw winner will be announced on May 20, 2013. Thanks so much for your continued support.