The podcast and Canadian jazz and improvised music radio show Rhythmaning with host/producer Kerilie McDowall is an exploration of the new and also the innovative. Every week Rhythmaning features the latest jazz and improvisation new releases from eclectic, creative, post bop,Latin,early jazz, women in jazz, experimental, avant garde, the sometimes traditional and a mix of other sounds with fun ventures into the past. The best Canadian, European and American jazz artists with a diverse variety of current exciting jazz and improvisation available for listening, subscription or download on podcast. Past radio interview and podcast highlights include impressive Order of Canada and JUNO winners and many of Canada's best. McDowall was an active performer/composer/jazz guitarist in the 1990's to learn more visit the website www.rhythmaning.ca.

Join Rhythmaning live on Mondays at 5-8 pm at CHLY 101.7 FM. Tune in live online at www.chly.ca. Free weekly Rhythmaning jazz podcasts including interviews and show updates and latest news on the website www.rhythmaning.ca. Play or subscribe or download. Rhythmaning podcasts are available on iTunes.
January 08, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

January 7, 2013


The show starts off with a lesser known eastern Canadian vocalist from the 40's named Phyllis Marshall. I feature 5 nice tracks so you can get to know her sound. After that some of American trumpeter/vocalist Clora Bryant's album 'Gal with a Horn' and some more of pianist and composer Mary Lou Williams with tracks from her 'Zodiac Suite'.

Then the show moves into some more modern sounds from eastern and western Canada and more from Pi Recordings' Amir El Saffar and Concord's Esperanza Spalding.Do not miss the band Tiger's Milk with some beautiful abstract soundscapes and improvisation featuring BC's Dylan Van der Schyff. Hear tracks off the Peggy Lee Band's latest and be sure to pick up the album it is available now on Drip Audio.

This show is a feature of the old to ease you into the new with some great sounds from the both old and new school.

Tune in Monday January 21, 2013 at 5 pm Pacific Time or 8pm Eastern Time for a live interview with Order of Canada Montreal jazz guitarist and composer Sonny Greenwich. Greenwich has been a guitarist and composer for over 50 years bringing you some beautifully melodic, uplifting and transcendent compositions with his own bands for decades. Greenwich performed with jazz greats like Miles Davis,Sun Ra,Pharoah Sanders,McCoy Tyner, John Handy and more in the late 60's and early seventies. When Wayne Shorter left Miles Davis' band he asked Montreal guitarist Sonny Greenwich to join his New York Art Quartet. Greenwich has also recorded with Canadian greats such as Don Thompson, Ed Bickert and Lenny Breau and more.

Known internationally for his original guitar work and compositions and his ability to elevate the band, Sonny Greenwich is one of Canada's top jazz greats so do not miss the upcoming interview and podcast with one of Canada's best.

January 01, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Melinda Whitaker-December 31, 2012


Victoria, British Columbia vocalist Melinda Whitaker talks about her latest release, 'Lucky So and So' featuring some of Vancouver Island's top musicians. The album was produced by 2012 Canadian JUNO winner Qualicum saxophonist,pianist,composer and arranger Phil Dwyer and features bassist Ken Lister, guitarist Pat Coleman, trumpet player Brad Turner and more. Dwyer plays piano and saxophones and has crafted some fine and clever arrangements.

The album features Melinda's vocals very nicely. Her rich and deep timbred contralto voice carries these jazz standards beautifully and delivers a smart sound that does not disappoint. This album is also a nice feature of our island musicians and some of our top BC talent. American drummer Julian McDonough joins the project and does a nice job alongside some of Canada's top musicians. This podcast features tracks from Melinda's new 2012 album 'Lucky So and So' along with a chat with Melinda and her latest news so do not miss it.

In the second hour Toronto, Ontario violinist Aline Homzy joins host Kerilie McDowall for a chat about her latest recording projects, news and more. At the age of 23, Aline is already embarking on her professional career and wowing audiences with her talent. Check out the interview and music then stay tuned for Kerilie's favorite jazz and improvised music releases from 2012. Included is a list of quality Canadian and US albums to add to your music collection from 2012. Happy New Year's and the best to all of you for 2013!

January 01, 2013 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Rhythmaning with James Wood-December 24, 2012


Subbing for me for this Christmas show so I could take a mini holiday break is the spectacular James Wood also known as 'Jimmy V' or 'Jimmy Vulgar' from the CHLY 101.7 FM heavy metal show 'Paint a Vulgar Picture' aired Thursdays from 7-9 pm PST. A big thanks going out to James for doing this big favour for Christmas....thanks James!

James is one groovy and most excellent jazz and improvised music dj/selector and spins some great local music from Vancouver and drops some other hip tracks from Esperanza Spalding, Elizabeth Shepherd, October Trio, Chet Baker, Ratchet Orchestra, Peggy Lee Band and more. Tune in now and sample the tracks! Listen in to James' show Thursday at 7 pm.

December 18, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Christmas Jazz-Rhythmaning-2012


Jazzy Christmas tunes for snowy wintery days with some new tracks and also older jazz tracks from the 1960's in this Rhythm'a'ning Christmas episode. From Wayne Shorter to Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, new Laila Biali ,Ingrid Jensen, ESQ, new Mike Allen and more. Cozy up to Xmas jazz favorites from Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Carmen McRae.

Rhythm'a'ning wishes you a happy holiday season with best wishes for the New Year to all of our podcast listeners in North America, Europe, Australia and around the world. Thanks for listening to CHLY 101.7 FM.

December 11, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

CHLY Host and Producer Emile Weekes


CHLY 101.7 FM host and producer Emile Weekes from the CHLY show Groove Concept Radio (Saturdays 1:30-4:00 pm)joins me for a two hour delve into his record collection for some really great tracks and conversation. Check out epic 1970's jazz funk and explore some sounds with selections by Emile. From 'Duran Take 4' from Miles Davis to the 'Drinking Song' from Gary Bartz Ntu Troop, this episode features some really fun tracks. Emile's show Groove Concept Radio spins R&B, hip hop,jazz and soul and funk. Be sure to check Emile out live on the airwaves or visit www.chly.ca and check out the Groove Concept Radio podcasts.

It is so great to get Emile Weekes finally on the show. We have been talking about it for ages. Emile is an avid record collector and collects jazz as well as other styles of music. I love listening to Emile's show. He always spins great tracks every week and has excellent taste and intuition as a producer. The show is like the title...it grooves. Be sure to check Groove Concept Radio out this Saturday at 1:30 pm PST.

November 30, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Early Jazz with Tom Roden and Gordon Theedom


Join CHLY host and producers Kerilie McDowall, Gordon Theedom and Tom Roden for a listen to some early rare jazz recordings from the 1940s from the record collections of Theedom and Roden. In this episode extremely rare samples of Canadian pianist Chris Gage from 1948 that Gordon Theedom recorded on his 1940s record label Theedom Records, air on my show for the first time. Hear rare selections from Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw. These recordings have not been broadcasted on radio since the 1950s so do have a listen and enjoy!

Tom Roden and Gordon Theedom share their memories and expertise with a fascinating look into jazz history and recordings and also how these early recordings were made.

Tom Roden and Gord Theedom recently helped co-produce with music and ideas for the shows on jazzwomen in the She Jazz broadcasts we produced. The shows are available and located in the podcast feed at dailysplice.com and at rhythmaning.ca

Hear interesting stories about early Nanaimo in the 1940's, jazz music and recording history and more from two of my favorite CHLY hosts Tom Roden and Gordon Theedom only on Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM.

Coming up next on Rhythmaning from Montreal an interview with Canadian jazz guitar legend Sonny Greenwich. Stay tuned for the details and the interview time and date. Greenwich is one of Canada's important jazz artists so be sure to tune in and catch up on Sonny's news and listen to some beautiful Sonny Greenwich recordings.

November 25, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

John Korsrud interview


This podcast episode will suit those interested in improvisation, composition and the Vancouver music scene. Join host Kerilie McDowall for an interview with Vancouver 2012 Mayors Arts Award winner, composer and bandleader John Korsrud. Korsrud was recently commissioned by The American Composers Orchestra for Carnegie Hall. His spectacular band the Hard Rubber Orchestra is a favorite among Vancouver audiences.

In this episode John discusses his work with his own various orchestras, his recent performance at New York's Carnegie Hall, his 2012 win of the Vancouver's Mayors Arts Award, composition and more.

Listen to tracks from John Korsrud's Hard Rubber Orchestra, Orquesta Goma Dura, Korsrud's spectacular Elvis Cantata, a recent commission by Francois Houle and more. This innovative composer and bandleader puts on elaborate exciting shows with Vancouver's best musicians and has produced and conducted over 100 shows including multimedia, operas, tv specials, arts raves, and even an ice show for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Do not miss this fascinating look into John's life as a composer and bandleader. This is an opportunity to hear some of Vancouver's best musicians and a nice selection of Korsrud's work as a composer and bandleader. Be sure to check it out.

In the second part of the show listen to Barrie, Ontario composer, drummer, and percussionist Valerie Hathaway-Warner discuss her recent projects. Her recent books, 'The Top 10 Things Music Educators Need to Know About Percussion and 'Effective Musical Literacy through Hand-drumming in the Elementary Grades' are a must for educators.

Explore a past composing collaboration with host Kerilie McDowall and Valerie Hathaway -Warner and flute. The track by guitarist/composer McDowall and composer and percussionist/studio whiz Warner and flute was composed when they were teenagers...a fun blast from the past. The track includes improvisation, studio manipulations with processing and aleatory composition techniques.

This podcast episode is for those interested in the creative process. Do not miss Vancouver's gifted composer John Korsrud speaking on creativity and composition, his life and work as a composer with BC's best musicians and more on Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM, Vancouver Island, Canada and the BC and Upper Washington west coast Mondays 5-7 pm PST at www.chly.ca. Rhythm'a'ning is on iTunes and www.dailysplice.com.

November 10, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

She Jazz-Bonus Tracks-Part Two


This podcast episode is the second part of a two part podcast series on early North American jazzwomen with host Kerilie McDowall on CHLY 101.7 FM's jazz and improvised music radio program and podcast Rhythm'a'ning.

Enjoy two hours of extra bonus tracks from North Americans such as The International Sweethearts of Rhythm, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Gisele MacKenzie, Clora Bryant, Melba Liston, Mary Osborne, Ina Ray Hutton, Phyllis Marshall and more.

Thanks to Nanaimo co-producers Tom Roden of the CHLY show What's Next and Gord Theedom of CHLY's show Music from the Past for your input, help, work and recordings. A huge thanks also to Ontario producers/broadcasters David Lennick and Ted O'Reilly for help in obtaining recordings and for being so fantastic. Special thanks to David Lennick for restoring a badly damaged 1949 Phyllis Marshall recording for the first show. I can not thank all of you enough.

Thanks also to Richard Green, Jack Litchfield, Alan Matheson, Ken Puley, Mike Bryan, Jean Pierre Sevigny, Tom Sandler and Judith Maxie for all your help with research and assistance. Thanks to all of you for your contributions in helping to make this show happen.

These two part podcasts are a tribute to the jazzwomen of North America. The shows only scratch the surface of the talent from our early North American jazzwomen. There are so many more wonderful brilliant women that have not been included, yet it is a beginning for the world of podcasting and getting the music out there for educational purposes and to help create some documentation for Canadian early jazz artists.

I hope you enjoy the two part series and I welcome your feedback. Visit www.rhythmaning.ca for more information and extra links or to contact us.

October 27, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Judy Chaikin interview-She Jazz: The 1920s-50s-Part One


This podcast episode features in the first half hour film director Judy Chaikin. Judy Chaikin's film Girls in The Band is a fantastic documentary film that offers a portrait of early jazzwomen in America leading up to the present.

Best known for her previous documentary films including 'Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist', Chaikin's award winning film,' Girls in the Band' offers jazz music and World War II history with important women's history facts that have not been presented before in one film. The film also discusses the issues of American racial segregation and racism and the experiences and trauma that the women jazz musicians endured as a result of those racist policies.

The rare and incredible documentary film footage was collected by researchers all over America for over 5 years and it is wonderfully in depth with stories, history and music. I recommend that you watch it twice to catch the finer details. For more on this film visit www.thegirlsintheband.com

Following the interview and film trailer with Judy Chaikin, rarer music from women from the 1920's-50s is presented as 'She-Jazz:The 1920s-50s-Part One' by radio and podcast host and producer Kerilie McDowall. A good part of the playlist was obtained from record collectors who are also radio producers/hosts in Canada and features some nice gems.

Listen in to hear tracks starting from the 1920's followed by the 1940's International Sweethearts of Rhythm and Ina Ray Hutton and Phil Spitalny's Hour of Charm all female orchestras. Canadians also featured include ragtime's Vera Guilaroff and later from the west Vancouver's Eleanor Collins sings Ruth Lowe's, 'I'll Never Smile Again'. Then a trip back east to Ontario captures vocalist Phyllis Marshall in 1949. Listen to special Canadian anthology recordings from galarecords.ca including the anthology of talented Canadian female vocalists 'Canadian Divas-Swingin Easy' with Kay Foster, Norma Locke, Lorraine McAllister and more. Later in the show 1950's tracks from America's Mary Lou Williams and Clora Bryant are featured with later selections from Canadian vocalists Juliette and Georgia Dey.

Thanks to Nanaimo co-producers Tom Roden of the CHLY show What's Next and Gord Theedom of CHLY's show Music from the Past for your input, help, work and recordings. A big thanks also to Ontario producers/broadcasters David Lennick and Ted O'Reilly for help in obtaining recordings and for being so wonderful.

A huge thank you also to Richard Green, Jack Litchfield, Alan Matheson, Ken Puley, Mike Bryan, Jean Pierre Sevigny, Tom Sandler and Judith Maxie for all your help with research and assistance.

Thanks to all of you for helping make this show a wonderful experience and a fantastic personal journey.

October 18, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

October 15, 2012-Anna Lyman-Fall Fundrive 2012



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Thanks to Alison, Bill, Anna, Elaine, Brian and Joyanne for your generous donations. You can contribute also at www.chly.ca through safe Pay Pal or call us now at 1-855-740-1017. We would love to hear from you! Thanks for your continued support over the years of CHLY. Without your support CHLY 101.7 FM can not continue our broadcasts, interviews and music that we bring to you 24 hours a day all year long... Thanks from all of us at CHLY!

In this episode join local Nanaimo Rhythm'a'ning sponsor Latin Jazz vocalist, composer, ukelelist and author Anna Lyman for a live in studio performance for the first hour with host Kerilie McDowall. In the second hour we hear more live tracks from Anna Lyman and are joined in studio in the second hour with special CHLY hosts DJ Doc of the jazz program Vitamin J and Pam Edgar from the show Living for the Health of It.

Be sure to call in to CHLY now with your pledge if you have been enjoying CHLY podcasts...thanks for all your support of CHLY 101.7 FM Nanaimo over the years! Hope you will call in and pledge or donate online! Please visit www.chly.ca and click on Rhythm'a'ning and show your support of this great radio station that continues to thrive thanks to all of you!

October 09, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

October 8, 2012-Thanksgiving 2012


Rhythm'a'ning opens with the sounds of 'Wavy Gravy' from Kenny Burrell on guitar from the album Midnight Blue to get you in the mood for Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers. To set the mood for the first half hour Miles Davis from 1959 with So What ( A track with a mood that reminds me of gentle rain) from the classic album Kind of Blue...follow that with more epic Miles Davis and Stella by Starlight from the Complete Concert 1964 My Funny Valentine.

For an interlude we hear again some Thanksgiving sounds with Stuffy Turkey from Thelonious Monk's album from 1964 It's Monk's Time. Do not miss another feature of Canadian jazz guitarist Sonny Greenwich also included in this podcast episode.

Here is the rest of the setlist:

One of my favorite women jazz composers and players of all time Alice Coltrane....two tracks: Journey in Satchidananda-Journey in Satchadinanda-Alice Coltrane, Ptah the El Daoud-Ptah the El Daoud-Alice Coltane.

Here are three more tracks from legendary guitarist Sonny Greenwich including the tranquil and meditative Espanada, one of Sonny's favorite tracks. Visit www.rhythmaning.ca for upcoming news for more on an upcoming interview with Sonny Greenwich in January 2013.

Ultimatum (Red Water Green Earth)-Standard Idioms-Sonny Greenwich,Espanada-Bird of Paradise-Sonny Greenwich,Raga-Spirit in the Air-Sonny Greenwich,

Dreams-Dreams-Maggi Olin Sextet, 229-If Accident Will-Gordon Grdina Trio,Eighty-One-Obatala-Jerry Gonzales and the Fort Apache Band.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving celebration and giving thanks.

With gratitude to all of you.


CHLY 101.7 FM,

October 02, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Autumn Leaves-October 1, 2012


Autumn is here with the cooler crisper air and the turning yellows, reds and orange hues of the leaves. A fall tradition here in the farming outskirts of Nanaimo is the Corn Maze. This is a very large maze made out of 12 foot tall corn plants shaped into a fantastic aerial theme, with a scavenger hunt within. Cap that off with a bonfire and the fall farmer's goods from squash varieties, pumpkins, clover honey and more...a break from the hectic pace of life.I hope you can enjoy the change of weather in your neighbourhood and get out and bond with mother nature and enjoy the traditions of the year.( And of course always celebrate with music and good company.)


Guidone-She Bop-Mother of Pearl


The Night Has a Thousand Eyes-Project O-Now as Then-Ingrid Jensen,Move Over Blues-Faculty Jazz Collective-Mike Allen Quartet,That the Peace-Alive In the House of Saints-Myra Melford Trio,

Woodstock-Live in Concert-Laila Biali, Autumn Leaves-The Best of the Capitol/Blue Note Years-Miles Davis,Bluke-Looking North-Amanda Tosoff,

Psychic Counterpart-Elastic Aspects-Matthew Shipp Trio, Someday my prince will come-Harmonic Disorder-Matthew Shipp Trio,1000 yards-Songs and Themes-Springheel Jack, Leanin In-Greg Ward's Phonic Juggernaut-Greg Ward,

Ando-The Sixth Jump-Benoit Delbecq Trio,Essay #7-Genera-Francois Houle 5+1,Bug Hunt/Target Island-Sounds from the Big House-Peggy Lee Band, Treacle-The Distance-Van der Schyff/Gestrin/Monder,Dear Old Stockholm-The Best of the Capitol/Blue Note Years-Miles Davis

September 19, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Guitarist Sonny Greenwich-September 17, 2012


In this podcast episode the spotlight is on legendary Canadian guitarist Sonny Greenwich. Montreal's Sonny Greenwich is known for his stunning lyricism and melodic compositions that evoke beautiful improvisatory soundscapes and capture a deep spiritual connection with the audience and listener. Greenwich's amazing ability to elevate the band and transcend when performing caught the attention of important jazz artists and resulted in performances with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Pharaoh Sanders, McCoy Tyner,Chick Corea,Sun-Ra,John Handy and Lee Morgan. Listen to Sonny's beautiful guitar solo on 'Tell Yourself the Truth' from the 1987 New York recording 'Live at Sweet Basil'. Also tune in to the meditative 'Invocation-(Hymn to the Earth II)'. Two special tracks are featured in the first half hour of this radio broadcast. Order of Canada recipient guitarist Greenwich is an important and brilliant artist do not miss it. Visit www.kleo-records.com for more information on the music of Sonny Greenwich.

Introduction and background: Free Form-Spirit in the Air-Sonny Greenwich

Playlist:Tell Yourself the Truth-Live at Sweet Basil-Sonny Greenwich,Invocation-(Hymn to the Earth II)-Hymn to the Earth-Sonny Greenwich, ( background tracks: You Go to My Head-Live at Sweet Basil-Sonny Greenwich and also Quetzalcoatl-Hymn to the Earth-Sonny Greenwich),

Transformation-Mosaic-Terri Lyne Carrington-I Know you Know-Esperanza-Esperanza Spalding,Sanctuary-Bitches Brew-Miles Davis,

Freedom Jazz Dance-Miles Smiles-Miles Davis Quintet,Speak No Evil-Speak No Evil-Wayne Shorter,The Lonelymaker-A Hip Cosmos-Mike Allen Quartet,

You Can see the Ocean From Here- You Can see the Ocean From Here-Sharon Minemoto, In a Silent Way-Miles from India-Miles from India,It's about that Time-Miles from India-Miles from India, Gratitude-Gratitude-Brandi Disterheft

September 11, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

End of Summer Jazz and Improvisation-September 10, 2012


In this jazz podcast there is a wide selection of tracks from the CHLY music library...a selection from years past with a few new tracks thrown in. The CHLY library is only 12 years old and has very little Classic jazz or older tracks, so it is actually nicely current. The opening introductory jazz track features Toronto pianist/vocalist Laila Biali from her new album Live in Concert. Laila sings Joni Mitchell's Woodstock and it is impressive. Take a trip down memory lane into the CHLY jazz archives into the past decade and join host Kerilie McDowall with some fine Canadian and American musicians performing great jazz and improvisation. Tune in live to the show live Mondays 5-7 pm PST. Catch CHLY podcasts, the latest charts and news at www.chly.ca. Visit www.rhythmaning.ca for news on upcoming guests and more.


Midnight Sun-Rewind-Elizabeth Shepherd,Sleepin Bee-Loverly-Cassandra Wilson,Chromorocker-Stars Have Shapes-Exploding Star Orchestra,Treacle-The Distance-van der Schyff/Gestrin/Monder,Fire Ogbe Odulfa Suite-The Mancy of Sound-Steve Coleman and Five Elements,

You Go To My Head-Billies Blues-Billie Holiday, Continent and Western-Continent and Western,Fond of Tigers, Wind Walked By-Reunited-The Jazz Passengers with Elvis Costello,Magpie-Bolger Station-Tania Gill,

Doves over Zion-Radif Suite-Amir ElSaffar and Hafez Modirzadeh,Seat-Seat-Engine,India-Faculty Jazz Collective-Mike Allen Quartet,Sulfur Dude-Genera-Francois Houle 5+1,

Fringe Bananas-Carsick-Carsick,SOS-Layers of Chance,Dapp Theory,Sooner or Later-Happy New Ears-Atomic,Negueleru-Ninety Miles-David Sanchez

September 04, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

September 3, 2012


The introductory track features Samai Farahfaza by Gordon Grdina's Haram group with the band's latest album entitled 'Her Eyes Illuminate'on Songlines Recordings. Visit www.songlines.com for more information on purchasing the new album. This podcast episode features a brief highlight of the wonderful Arabic instrument the oud. With a history dating back to over 3000 BC, the oud's mystical sound is sure to inspire. Artistic depictions of oud like instruments have been found in the pyramids and the instrument enjoys a rich heritage in the Middle East. Check out Rabih Abou Khalil with a freer jazz influenced oud,piano and drums track and more. We follow that up with Vancouver's very own Gord Grdina on a beautiful oud track with his trio entitled 'Morning Moon'. The show starts off with some popular new releases so settle back, put your feet up and crank up the volume...perfect for end of summer relaxing.

This Belongs To You-The Pat Metheny Unity Band-Pat Metheny, Personal Mountains-Sleeper-Keith Jarrett,

Up with the Lark-Lets Take An Old Fashioned Walk-State of Bliss-Karin Plato,Portrait of Duke-Gratitude-Brandi Disterheft,I Loves You Porgy-A Shorter Distance-Christine Jensen,

No Plastic Cups Please-Sweet and Sour Milk-Journey to the Centre of An Egg-Rabih Abou Khalil, Morning Moon-If Accident Will-Gordon Grdina Trio, You the Night and the Music-Karl Schwonik with Remi Bolduc-1+4-Karl Schwonik Jazz Ensemble with Remi Bolduc,Judges-New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges-Colin Stetson

A Day Off-Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry-Spp-Henry Threadgill Zooid-J Mac-Seeds from the Underground- Kenny Garrett

August 28, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

August 27, 2012


Introduction-Summertime -Billies Blues-Billie Holiday

Sonho-Meu-Sonhu Meu-Jennifer Scott and Brasileira,Decisive Steps-Decisive Steps-Tia Fuller,Instance-Instance-Iconoclast Trio, Ee-gypt Me-Pearls Before Swine-Tony Wilson 6tet,

Airegin-The incredible Guitar of Wes Montgomery-Wes Montgomery, Mr. Day-Coltrane Plays the Blues-John Coltrane,Flurry-Flurry-Nordic Connect-Questar-Departure-Departure,

Live Jump-Alive in the House of Saints-Myra Melford Trio, Return of the Prodigal Son-Season of Changes-Brian Blade and Fellowship Band,

Ando-The Sixth Jump-Benoit Delbecq Trio,September-Forgotten Memories-Don Thompson,Yesterday's Tomorrow-Phill Albert-In the Big World-Phill Albert,Gratitude-Gratitude-Brandi Disterheft

August 23, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Saxophonist Mike Allen-August 13, 2012


One of Canada's top star saxophonists, Vancouver saxophonist and composer Mike Allen continues to receive rave reviews for his performances, writing and recordings. Allen has just released two new quartet albums, 'A Hip Cosmos' and 'Faculty Jazz Collective'. The albums feature Mike Allen with Vancouver bandmates pianist Miles Black, bassist Adam Thomas and Washington drummer Julian MacDonough. This jazz podcast episode features music from the two new quartet albums, an in depth interview with Mike Allen, and also features in the second hour some fantastic music from Mike's past albums from earlier years.

Saxophonist Mike Allen and his band have created a huge sound and an intensely beautiful performance with Allen's compositions inspired by the music of John Coltrane on 'A Hip Cosmos'. The new album 'Faculty Jazz Collective' features music chosen and composed also by different members of the band and features some fun and bluesy tracks. The band performs brilliantly check out'India' written by John Coltrane, one of my favorite tracks.

Mike Allen and his band are also doing some innovative and cutting edge educational jazz instruction as a band to teach young aspiring musicians at Western Washington University in the USA.

Mike speaks in depth about his work, spirituality/transcendence, improvisation, his years performing with Canadian guitar legend Sonny Greenwich, composing and much more. Visit mikeallenjazz.com for more information on Mike Allen and his music. This jazz podcast is brought to you by Rhythmaning on CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.


Introduction: Klondike-Faculty Jazz Collective-Mike Allen Quartet

The Lonelymaker- A Hip Cosmos-Mike Allen Quartet,2 tracks:Move Over Blues and Lonely Avenue-Faculty Jazz Collective-Mike Allen Quartet,Give Me Moon-A Hip Cosmos-Mike Allen Quartet

Nette's Cept-Dialectic-Mike Allen, Let Your Heart Sing (composer Sonny Greenwich)-Fearless-Mike Allen Trio with George McFetridge,Same Old Feeling-Love One Another-Mike Allen Quartet,2 tracks:Grouse Grind and There Were Fireworks-Vancouver-Mike Allen Quartet,2 tracks:Back on Track and Juaziero-Threads-Mike Allen and George McFetridge

August 12, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Tony Wilson Extravaganza- Guitarist Tony Wilson


This podcast episode features albums from the past 12 years from the CHLY library collection of local BC composer and guitarist Tony Wilson. Listen to over 9 albums that feature the work of gifted guitarist and composer Tony Wilson with some of our most talented Vancouver and BC musicians. Tony Wilson has worked with artists such as William Parker, Myra Melford, Han Bennink, Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyff, Brad Turner, Benoit Delbecq and Francois Houle. He has performed internationally and across North America. He has produced a variety of his own creative projects over the years with some of BC's top players.

Wilson has influenced the Vancouver and BC music scene in a very big way and is one of Canada's important and influential guitarists. Downbeat magazine calls Tony Wilson "a talismanic west coast figure". Tony has written a new book recently entitled," A Day's Life". The Georgia Straight's Alex Varty calls the new book a fascinating read. Tony Wilson is a CHLY 101.7 FM and Rhythmaning favorite local talent be sure to find out more at www.tony-wilson.ca


Introduction: Mars-Longhand-Longhand

#20-Lowest Note-Tony Wilson Sextet,Fetch-Old Joe Clark-Learning New Tricks-Bill Smith/Tony Wilson,For Freddie Stone #2-Horseplay-Tony Wilson Quintet,Arpeggio /Lonesome Valley-I'm Hungry-Horse's Dream-Tony Wilson, percussion Bob Grant

Squirk-Pearls Before Swine-Tony Wilson 6tet,Floating Island-Man and Dog (two tracks) Escondido Dreams-Wilson/Lee/Bentley

Warm Valley-Lonely Avenue-Tony Wilson/Nick McGowan, The People Look Like Flowers At Last-Let the Monkeys Dance-Variation on a Theme (three tracks)The People Look Like Flowers at Last-Tony Wilson Sextet

Ballad in G-Hardpan-Goodbye(three tracks)-Longhand-Longhand, Untitled #1-Lowest Note-Tony Wilson Sextet

August 04, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Summer jazz and improvised music-July 23, 2012


A wondrous show introduction by solo bass saxophonist Colin Stetson, circular breathing, vocalizations and more from a New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges, track: Judges

Be sure to listen in to the upcoming August 13th interview at 5 pm PST on CHLY 101.7 FM or www.chly.ca with Mike Allen from Vancouver. Allen is a gifted Canadian saxophonist who has received rave reviews from the press and his peers during his career as a musician. He is a former member of Sonny Greenwich's band and has many of his own albums out as a leader. We will be listening to his two new quartet releases A Hip Cosmos and Faculty Jazz Collective and catching up on his latest news.Stay tuned for the podcast after the broadcast.


M.I.A.-Looking North-Amanda Tosoff, India-Faculty Jazz Collective-Mike Allen Quartet, Pink Elephant Magic-Young Lions of Jazz-Joanne Brackeen, O-Blues-Snow Umbrellas-Avi Granite's Verse,

Aspects,Psychic Counterpart and Frame Focus from Elastic Aspects-Matthew Shipp Trio,Leanin In-Phonic Juggernaut-Greg Ward's Phonic Juggernaut, Haufig eine Hydraulische Metaphertendenz--Way Out Northwest-Butcher/Muller/van der Schyff

Kayak-Shot Through with Beauty-John Stowell Michael Zilber Quartet, Sylvan Vale-Collage-Christine Jensen, Let me tell you about my Day-Let Me Tell You About My Day-Phil Dwyer

Water's Edge Part One and Part Two- Where is Pannonica-Andy Milne/Benoit Delbecq, Grandad-Continent and Western-Fond of Tigers, Refresh- Codebook- Rudresh Mahanthappa (excerpt)

July 26, 2012 | Kerilie McDowall-Rhythmaning-CHLY 101.7 FM,Nanaimo, BC, Canada Rhythm'a'ning

Dylan van der Schyff-July 16, 2012


This podcast features the music of Vancouver drummer Dylan van der Schyff. One of Vancouver's busiest drummers, Dylan has recorded over 100 albums and been an important part of the Vancouver improvisation scene. A highly creative and recorded drummer, Dylan is also a music engineer, producer, writer, editor and teacher. Holding many interests, Dylan has pursued studies in Greek Philosophy and Music and Psychology. Dylan van der Schyff has worked and recorded internationally with artists from around the globe and continues to collaborate with American and European musicians. Catch up on Dylan's latest news, current recording projects and hear music from past recording projects. This interview was recorded live and is brought to you by Rhythm'a'ning, CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.